28 Garlands To A Rising Media Guru, Extraordinary Philanthropist & Special Friend To The Elderly; TA Monica Chidinma Eze

By Henrietta Chioma Augustine

The art of philanthropy is rendering help to the less privileged or those in want but to me, what gives me great joy and happiness is when I live for others. This is what I learnt from my parents but enforced and heightened by my Principal and uncle, Dr. Dave Nweze Umahi the Executive Governor of Ebonyi State who by his nature has redefined the art of philanthropy in Nigeria” – Monica Ada Chidinma Eze

While to Timothy Pinah, Philanthropy is not about money, it’s about feeling the pain of others and caring enough about their needs to help.”

It is based on these two great quotes that encourage the need of us touching the lives of the less privileged amongst us that I am motivated to discuss and present to the world, Lady Monica Chidinma Ada Eze who has by her actions and love for humanity embarked upon a gigantic project to touch the lives of the elderlies in the 36 States of Nigeria not minding her meagre salary as the Technical Assistance on Media to her uncle and Governor of Ebonyi State, Governor Dave Nweze Umahi that gave birth to this treatise aimed to celebrate the 28th birthday of this icon.

By the grace of God this icon and the new face of philanthropy in Nigeria who was born on the 11th of July 1992 will be celebrating her 28th birthday.

A detribalized Nigerian who is very fluent in three major languages of Nigeria – Igbo, Hausa and Fulfulde with Ibo parents who can as well claim to be a Northerner as she was born at the Specialist Hospital situated in Jimeta-Yola the State capital of Adamawa State in the North Eastern region of Nigeria.

According to her records, she started her Nursery and Primary School at the famous Abti International Nursery /Primary School, Yola and proceeded to Federal University of Technology Secondary School Yola where she got her Senior Secondary School Certificate in 2008. A graduate of Our Savior’s Institute of Science, Agric and Technology (OSISATECH), Enugu where she studied Public Administration and obtained National Diploma (ND) certificate which enabled her to secure direct entry admission into Caritas University Enugu where she studied Industrial Relations and Personnel Management. She did her National Youths Service (NYSC) with the Federal Ministry of Transportation and was declared as an exceptional youth leader and great mobiliser of men and women.

Public Service/Politics:

With this Amazon of a lady in mind, Ann Tran stated and I quote, “Humility, gentleness, and helpfulness go so much further and open doors you cannot imagine. Think from a higher level and try to see beyond today. Some hard work and insight will bring you to paths that will reward you so highly, it’ll make the little inconvenience you incurred so worth it.”

Monica is a reputable Blogger and Publisher and in line with Ann Tran’s quote is a workaholic, philanthropist per excellence, humane, humble and obedient person whose weaknesses is kindness to those around her. She is kind to a fault but resists anybody who wants to take advantage of her kindness and humane nature. She loves being committed to anything entrusted in her hands and appreciative of whatever one does for her no matter how little it is.

This lady whose writings have assisted so much in propagating the ideals and vision of the Ebonyi State Government under the able leadership of her uncle, Engr. (Dr) Dave Nweze Umahi ( FNATE, FNSE) is the President/Founder of David Umahi Nweze Akubaraoha Ebonyi Transformation Agenda (DUNAETA) a vibrant, virile grassroots NGO that assisted to some extent the re-election of Governor Umahi in 2019 and which she uses to issue press statements in defense and promotion of her boss, His Excellency Engr. (Chief) Dave Nweze Umahi and his government.

Her article titled, “How Umahi Turned Ebonyi Into One Huge Construction Site” is a must read anytime any day and have since her appointment wrote over fifty inspiring articles on the positive activities of the present administration in Ebonyi State.

This fiery lady is a member of the greatest political movement in Africa the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and currently serves as the Technical Adviser (TA) on Media to the Ebonyi State Governor; she is known in some quarters as Ada Ebonyi and doubles as the Secretary of the Committee of Media Aides to His Excellency.

Monica and her mission:

According to Laozi, one of the greatest Philosophers of all times with Monica in mind, “I have three precious things which I hold fast and prize. The first is gentleness; the second frugality; the third is humility, which keeps me from putting myself before others. Be gentle and you can be bold; be frugal and you can be liberal; avoid putting yourself before others and you can become a leader among men.”

In defining her mission, she stated thus, “Immediately after my appointment and considering the enormous challenges of my new task of propagating and projecting the great image of an outstanding and ever busy Governor of the status of Engr. David Umahi and after briefs from my superiors I entered into the field. Within the period under review, I was able to form and join a lot of Social Media groups be it Face-Book, Instagram, vimeo, printest, whatsapp, LinkedIn,YouTube, Twitter etc in order to circulate releases and information pertaining to the activities of Governor Umahi and his administration in Ebonyi State to the entire world.

According to this lady of the moment, “Apart from my normal work schedule, I have gone extra miles to introduce live media stream of all the events that I attend. I have established a website through which I use to publish my works and most of the press statements from the Ebonyi State Government and Ministries. These feats notwithstanding, I have the singular honour among my peers to donate three Gold Trophies for the actualisation of our 2019 project:

Monica and Affirmation of her Philanthropic gestures:

Pam Moore to further explain Monica and her philanthropic activities better stated, “You can never go wrong by investing in communities and the human beings within them.”

According to Lady Monica, “The art of philanthropy as we all know is rendering help to the less privileged or those in want but to me, what gives me great joy and happiness is when I live for others. This is what I learnt from my parents but enforced and heightened by my Principal and uncle, Dr. Dave Nweze Umahi the Executive Governor of Ebonyi State who by his nature has redefined the art of philanthropy in Nigeria”

Apart from the above areas of my mission my passion is how to better and contribute to the type of Nigeria where poverty is reduced to the barest and the rich take care of the poor. In this regard, my NGO, DUNAETA is now involved in a gigantic project through which I intend to reach the elderlies in the 36 States of Nigeria. To the Glory of God the project has commenced in the entire Local Government Areas of Ebonyi State


This is an initiative and programme initiated by the President of DUNAETA, Lady Monica Eze to reach to the elderlies in the 36 States of Nigeria. It is a programme borne out of the great passion she has for the well being of humanity, especially in this period of globally pandemic that has orchestrated hunger and starvation among the less privileged.
The following comments by some of those who may have come across Monica’s works will convince you the reader how she is appreciated –


“Monica Ada Chidinma Eze (MACE) , you have a wonderful ministry. Similar to soul winning. You are better addressed as an Evangelist because this gesture is pure evangelism. Especially as it is geared towards the poor or the indigent.

The Bible says, he that gives to the poor lends unto the LORD. Imagine in return, what will be his/ her reward. You are a replicate of your Master, His Excellency Engr Dave Nweze Umahi.

I guess, if you have a car, your car may not be “tear leather”. If at all you have a house, your house may not be a ,”mansion”. If you have a husband or fiancee, he is not David Nweze Umahi or Dangote . And, if your parents are rich, they may not be as Mike Adenuga the owner of Global Com. or Arthur Eze of Ukpo Anambra State. These notwithstanding, you engaged your earnings on this venture for the sake of the vulnerable in our country, beginning at home, because it is said, that charity begins at home.

The emergence of His Excellency, Engr David Umahi as the Governor of Ebonyi State is producing shinning Stars in our generation and future generations, if CHRIST tarries.

The money you are sending to the poorest of the poor is not up to what some young Ladies like you, are using to equip their wardrobe. You chose the other path, which is the right way. My Spirit, my Soul and even body, is praising God for you. You are one at of millions.

When the windows of Heaven will be open unto you, all your store houses, will be limited to contain them. It will happen in our eyes. Go on and on, our exceptional LADY. The LORD is your PROVIDER.


1. Written by Rep.Patricia Edene
Appreciation message to the founder of DUNAETA Hon. Monica Chidinma Ada Eze who also double as TA. To governor Umahi.

An appreciation they say open rooms for other good things and that’s why I have taken to this cyberspace to appreciate this lady with a large heart, hope of the needy and a philanthropist of our time who have distinguish herself from the multitude.

It was on July second I received alert of #5000 from a leader with a large heart to give to my aged parents but I changed my mind because I have a neighbor whose case is a critical one, so I went to her house with my king and friends to hand it over to her.

The woman in question had stroke after the husband who is a palm wine tapper fell down from a palm tree and died…… Since then it has been hell to this woman only surviving by the mercy of God and his son who forfeit his education by doing all kinds of minial jobs to put food on the table for her mother.

If you talk of help, no help

Medical attention eh, that one na zero.

However, yesterday was a popular festival in Effium land called Igwolo which make way for new yam festival characterize by display of masquerade (Akatakpa) and blessing of Effium land and it inhabitats. So I used the avenue to handover the money to her which attracted her neighbor’s attention and a well packed blessings to our leader, Monica Eze.

My advice:

Don’t think that all fingers are equal, there are a lot of people who need just #200 to feed in a day not to talk of when it’s in thousands, then you have added life to such people.

Look for those handicap among u and assist in ur own little way just like this erudite leader is doing through her weekly outreach titled ” hope for our aged parents”

Monica, may your days be long

May all your dreams come to reality

You will continue to soar higher among your contemporaries.

Live long Ada di Ora mma as I fondly call you.

2. Written by Rep.Nwoba Solomon;


I sincerely appreciate Ms Monica Ada Chidinma Eze for giving me the opportunity to be part of this humanitarian move. In the remote part of our villages, you will understand that a price of one bottle of beer can save life.

When I saw the way this old woman felt after handing in the money, I regretted even recharging my phone.

Monica has added years to her life indeed.

May God bless you, my dear president.

3. I have received the sum of #5000 from the great philanthropist Hon. Monica Ada Chidinma Eze.

For my aged mother at home.

Currently on my way going to deliver as pledged.

God shall continue to bless you ma, u shall live long in good heath, wealth, and happiness.

Mc Bliss(Njoku Emmanuel R.)

4. Written by Rep Cornel Paragon

God bless Monica Ada Chidinma Eze for remembering this poor widow from Effium, Mrs Augustina Nwanga

For the selfless service you are rendering especially to the aged, May God continue to bless and uplift you immeasurably.

I delivered the #5000 to her

She was very happy and prayed God to bless you immensely.

5. Just this morning, I received an alert of 5k from her to be given to my aged parents at home. My fervent prayers to her is that she will never lack the wealth she will be using to put smiles on the face others.

Thanks my dear president for the kind gestures and opportunity to partner with you on this programme that will go along way to bring joy to humanity.

Nte, J. Chuks, DUNAETA Ikwo Representative)

6. Written by. Rep Cynthia Ndubuisi Nwoge.

Just received an alert of Five Thousand Naira (5000) from Monica Ada Chidinma Eze to be given to my aged grandmother at home.

You are a true definition of a good kind hearted Lady… I deeply appreciate and acknowledge your kindness.

Your days shall be long for remembering our aged parents… May God’s Favour and Grace never run short in your life and family.. Amen

A well prepared place awaits you in heaven Nwanyi Oma.

God bless you immensely👍🙏

7. Written by Rep. Bartholomew John Nabo

Join me and celebrate this epitome of love. She has just credited my aged mother’s account. My prayer is that she will continue to move forward in good health, happiness, prosperity and long life in Jesus name amen


Today Sunday 21th June 2020 , Ikwo DUNAETA aged women Sunday cash package the sum of five thousand Naria (#5000) goes to a poor widow Mr nwekoyo Nkechi Igwe, a native of Uduku igbudu in Ikwo local government area ebonyi state Nigerian.

The beneficiary Mrs Igwe thanks lady Hon Monica Ada Chidinma Eze for her kind her kind gesture towards humanity in the society and prayed that good God will bless her abundantly for her good work on earth.

God bless you the great philanthropist and a lady with heart of gold Hon Monica Ada Chidinma Eze

®Hc Ibeabuchi Jonathan

9. Written by Evangelist Nwoba Solomon.

The way to be good representative part 1.

A good representative is an ambassador of who or what he/she represents.

It beats my imagination why some people would say that their boss is heaven and earth but come to bear parlour to beg beer.

Dave is working no doubt, but I repeat his best is not enough.

So if you claim that he is what you claim why not prove it by being his ambassador wherever you are.

Before Election of 2015 that gave Dave Umahi the seat where he is today, Ms Monica Ada Chidinma Eze has proved herself a selfless philanthropist.

She started by sharing call cards of #500 and #1,000 denominations to her fans which she did with no condition attached.

As if that wasn’t enough she rewarded the highest beneficiary with 25kg bag of rice, #5,000 and seven others that benefited.

In order to sustain that kindness, she formed a nongovernmental organization, DUNAETA with the aim of assisting the needy. The group died courtesy of some greet entities who decided to sell the group on the plata of political benefits, those whose priority is their stomach, their immediate satisfaction.

As a TA she is earning #44,000 yet she maintained that the poor around would be assisted.

She has come up with another kind move to save Lives seeing the rate of hardship in the society, and this time across the 13local governments and across States.

She has done what most STAs, SAs,EAs and even 80% of the commissioners could not do.

Sister Monica, forget what you would hear but keep hoping on God as usual, the greater ones are in the pipeline.

You are a great lady who will go to places.

May God continue to strengthen and empower you for more tasks.

More grace!

The testimonies are much and can’t be contained in one single article but we give God all the Glory for planting this great seed in the heart of her daughter, Monica and with fervent prayer and fasting the aim of this project will be achieved no matter the odds.


1. President: Lady Monica Chidinma Ada Eze

2. Project Director – Dr. Ogbonna David Chita

3. Director of Media & Public Relations –
Chief Eze Monday.

4. Secretary – Evan. Solomon Nwoba

5. Finance Manager – Orji Joseph Ogbonna.

6. Financial Secretary – Chukwu Sylvia

7. Investment Manager – Henrietta Chioma Augustine.

8. Website/YouTube & Social media Traffic Manager – Gerald Ogbonna Eze

9. Aged Parents Hunting Manager – Ibeabuchi Jonathan

10. Camera Manager – Nte Chuks

11. Head of Reps – Pastor Ifeanyichukwu

12. Skill Aquisition Manager – Okereke

13. Field Manager – Ani Onyekachi Peter

14. Videographer/Editor Manager -Mboroko Jeremiah Chibuike

15. Local Government Coordinator – Chief Ejike king

16. Entertainment Manager – kelechi Uche Victor

17. Medical Director – Agu Daniel Chika

18. Distributor Manager – Nwinya Onuchukwu Nwinya

19. Edo State Coordinator*- Mabel Acholo

20. Niger State Coordinator – Cynthia Hycenth

21. Imo State Coordinator – Blessing Nwaorgu

22. Adamawa State Coordinator – Mr. Collins

In conclusion, Ada Ebonyi highlighted that, “This is the best avenue for me to appreciate, encourage and support my uncle and boss,His Excellency,Chief Engr. David Nweze Umahi to reach out to the downtrodden in Ebonyi State and in Nigeria at large”

Finally, my President and Leader deserves to be celebrated and I am proud to present this workaholic, an Amazon of high repute to the world on this her 28th birthday anniversary.

Happy Birthday Monica! Happy birthday Ada Ebonyi!! Happy birthday the fiery lady of the Pen!!! Happy Birthday the new Face of Philanthropy in Nigeria!!!! God will surely lift you to a great height that you will become the Umbrella of our Youths in Nigeria.

Henrietta Chioma Augustine is the Investment Manager of DUNAETA & can be reached: through:07065321201,dunaebonyitransformation001@gmail.com

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