A Big Salute To JKF & Other SW Governors That Floated Amotekun – Engr Kayode Ojo

Engr Kayode Ojo is a Politician, Industrialist, Philanthropist of Ekiti Origin. Pt2 of Interview


Sir, unlike most other political office aspirants in the last Ekiti APC governorships primary, your entrepreneurship/business industry experience stood you out. With your experiences and prowess, how would you given the opportunity navigate Ekiti out of the monthly FAAC syndrome?

Let me say without any iota of doubt; Ekiti can’t truly develop with the meagre monthly allocation from Abuja. There is need to open up Ekiti state to varieties of investment opportunities. With all modesty, I am a business man with relationship with a reasonable numbers of investors home and abroad. So, opening up Ekiti to various investments will not only generate funds for the state, it will create valuable jobs and free Ekiti from her dependent on monthly allocation.


In the part 1 of this interview, you reflected on youth engagement, sir what will you categorically advocate for the teeming political class/gladiators cognizant of limited political office opportunities? 

It is due to inadequate business/job opportunities in Ekiti that makes people focus on politics. Survival is a natural law, people want to live and grow. With enough business opportunities, people will depend less on politics to survive and grow. By God’s grace, it won’t be difficult to recreate Ekiti to meet the needs of her people.


Electricity is one of the biggest downsides in ekiti. Sir, going by the latest development by baba Afe Babalola’s university, will you advocate for more ‘Independent Power Providers” in the state?

Yes of course! Lagos has done that as at public stage. Baba Afe has done same at private level. State must contribute to private power generation. That’s the way forward in this century.


Amotekun, the western Nigeria security network setup by the SW governments. What’s your take on the concept?

It is a great idea. A big salute to Dr. John Kayode Fayemi and other SW Governors that floated the idea. However, establishment of the regional security outfit is the first stage, the next stage is to push for legislation that will enable the security outfit to be properly armed. It’s a great idea.


Will you contest in the next Ekiti APC governorship election?

When you have good intentions and you want to actualize these intentions and the only established means to realize such intention is to go through election. I will let you know my response to this question soonest.

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