A Giant Strides Of CP Anyasinti Josephine Nneka

To be a star, you must shine your own light,  follow your own path, and don’t worry about darkness, for that is when the stars shine brightest” – Napoleon Hill.

“Virtually nothing on earth can stop a person with a positive attitude who has her Goal clearly in sight” – Dennis Waitley

The new Commissioner of Police in charge of Special Fraud Units’ Lagos and Abuja CP Anyasinti Josephine Nneka is a sister and a very reliable friend. She is patriotic, pragmatic, articulate, dynamic, God-fearing and possesses other virtues that single her out as an icon in her own rights!

CP Anyasinti Josephine Nneka has assumed duties as the Second Female and 27th Commissioner of Police in- charge of Special Fraud Units’Lagos and Abuja Offices respectively. She is an alumna of two prestigious and First Generation Universities thus: University of Ile-Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University) Ile-Ife and University of Nigeria, Nsukka where she bagged with Honours her First Degree and Master Degree respectively. CP Anyasinti is also an alumna of United Nations Police Commander Training (UNPCT) Arlando in far away Sweden. She also obtained in flying colours United Nations Certifications in Global Terrorism, Peace Keeping and Conflict Resolution and Security for United Nations Peace Keepers.

CP Anyasinti Josephine Nneka

CP Anyasinti possesses vast experience in Law enforcement, Human Rights, Criminal Justice, Peace and Conflict Resolution, Terrorism and counter Terrorism, Insurgency and counter insurgency among many other United Nations thematic interventions.

A high profile post like the Commissioner of Police in charge of a very sensitive place like Special Fraud Units brings some good chances for her to prove herself further in front of the whole world. It is an ample opportunity for her to express herself once again. She can tell others how good and great she can work. Her performance will be a parameter to judge her in view of the other positions ahead of her before she clinches the Highest of them all perhaps being the first woman in the annals of Nigerian history to step on that post, IGP.

Let me pause awhile and Congratulate our Amazon for a job well done including but not limited to her GIANT STRIDES!!!

Paraphrasing the immortal words of William Shakespeare (1556 – 1616) Her life is Gentle. The elements are so mixed in her (CP Anyasinti Josephine Nneka) that nature might stand up and say to the whole world our fine officer CP ANYASINTI is A MAN”


To God be all the Glory!

United Nations Ambassador of Peace!

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