A Golden Fish Has No Hiding Place; Chief Jerry Chukwueke Is A Golden Fish

By Omeire Kingsley

Since Chief Jerry Chukwueke (Ohamadike Ndi Owerri) started his political consultation across Owerri Zone, it has been the same good story everywhere you go. APC EVERYWHERE YOU GO.

In Ezinihitte, It is Jerry, Jerry, Jerry; Ohamadike of Owerri zone, Nwa Owerri zone Nah you we know.

In Aboh Mbaise, it is Jerry The Great Grassroot Mobilizer, Ohamadike Ndi Owerri, Son of the Soil, The Political Orographer of Owerri Zone.

When you get to Mbaitoli, it is Jerry the great mobilizer, Jerry the APGA Vice Presidential Candidate, Jerry the man of the people, Nwan Nwan Mbaitoli.

And when you come to Ahiazu Mbaise, the home of Paul & Paul, late PC Onuoha, there you get the loudest shouts of Jerry, Nwa Afo Awaka, Ohamadike Owerri, Jerry our man, our voice in Owerri Zone. The voice of man is the voice of God.


And I say Because Jerry has the training and the education at home and in school (formal and informal.) The first 7 years of a man are very important in his upbringing. At home Jerry got disciplined, Jerry learned humility, and Jerry imbibed hard work as the bedrock of success.

Because Jerry is the son of a foremost education officer and Pioneer Headmaster of St John’s College, Kaduna, Mr. T.N Chukwueke.
And according to President Obasanjo, “The Desipinarian” in his book “My Command.”

Because Jerry got the brain and brilliance. Double Degree @ Morgan University Baltimore – Bsc Political Science and BA International Relations 1984 (Verifiable Results, Not Toronto style).

Because Jerry has the courage and eloquence to speak and be heard. Jerry the Great Mobilizer for Imo PDP 2015. Jerry went around Imo speaking and mobilizing for PDP. Jerry was Chairman APGA National Reconciliation Committee 2019.

Jerry has managerial skills/competence alongside entrepreneurial dexterity for success. Founder -Director Germaine Group, Co-founder /Developer Lekki Mega City (Largest City in West African) and Founding Director Food Concepts LTD (Owners of Chicken Republic), etc.

And because Jerry got The Political Contacts and Connections, Competence and Experience. This he showed in PDP and for that, they call him “Jerry The Great Mobilizer.” In Owerri Zone, we call him Our Consensus Candidate and in APGA they call him “Our VP”

Jerry is completely complete. A round peg in A round whole.
Jerry is the man for the job.
All we are saying is, GIVE US JERRY OOOOOO.

#Okwu Owerri Aga Ekwu Ya Ekwu

Omeire Kingsley
Ahiazu Mbaise.

I am convinced that the consequences of the legal action suffered by APC in Zamfara state and Bayelsa state were caused by mistakes made by our party APC.

Let me also remind us that those cases were all instituted by APC members/aspirants against fellow APC members/aspirants/candidates of the party and the party.

While that of Zamfara arose from the primaries of the party, that of Bayelsa was based on irregularities in the academic certificate of the deputy governor. A blunder that our party did not notice or failed to act upon. With that, the courts nailed the faith of our party in Bayelsa.

All these are costly mistakes that must be guarded against and avoided by APC as we approach 2023.

Our party must ensure the conduct of quality primaries not minding the mode of primaries adopted by the party.

The party must strive to ensure the emergence of only qualified and credible candidates of proven integrity and academic qualification.

These aspirants must be un- comparable. They must be candidates whose documents and certificates are in order and verifiable.

They must be candidates who have performed above average and not middlemen and/or money bags who believe that elections are for the highest bidder.

Yes, it is the function of INEC and our party’s screening committee to vet and screen aspirants but this time, party members are interested in knowing who our aspirants are, to avoid making mistakes of the past.

For this and other reasons, we plead with our party to adopt and implement “OPERATION MAKE PUBLIC YOUR CERTIFICATE”.

Since elections are won by political parties and not individuals, we members of the party should be given every opportunity to vet and ascertain the authenticity of all documents submitted to the party and INEC by our aspirants.

With these knowledge, we will be in a better position to make informed choices so as to bring forth our best.

The weight of a political loss is often not only on the aspirants but also on the party and members of the party hence, the need for public knowledge of our aspirants.

Let me also draw form the qualities enumerated by our speaker emeritus Rt. Hon. Dikeocha, our would-be aspirants must come open and present themselves to public scrutiny by members of the party.

Show us your certificate so that we can do our search on you before sending you to inec.

We are today in the digital world where it takes a touch of the button for confirmation of any valid information.

The party should lead the way and insist that all aspirants make public whatever certificate or document they intend to present to INEC or our screening party.

It is expected that intending aspirants should possess qualities above average, consequently and
with due respect to all concerned, aspirants seeking election into offices, most especially, into the national assembly to represent us must be people with a minimum requirement of a verifiable 1st-degree certificate, (but please no Torontogate) hence, the need for operation makes public your certificate.

Suffice it to say that, whosoever will represent us in any arm of the national assembly must have a certificate above the minimum constitutional requirement of a school certificate.

The necessity of this cader of education cannot be overemphasized.
The education we all know builds self-confidence which emboldens the mind and dismantles all forms of timidity. A timid fellow will never do well at legislative representation.

Education attracts respect and love. It endears a person to his audience which grants him their attention.

These are essential qualities required for the effective representation of a people in the national assembly and that is what we need and what we want to see in our aspirants.

Finally, we plead passionately to our party hierarchy to prevail on all candidates to share their CVs with the public as they share money, bags of rice, and other goodies during the campaign.

Thank you and God bless us all.
Long Live APC.

Omeire Kingsley writes from Ahiazu Mbaise LGA

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