A True Leader With Uncommon Qualities Was Born Today

By Fidelis Soriwei

Today is a special day in the life of the Ijaw Nation. This special day, God gave the Ijaw nation a special gift in the person of our leader, Senator Henry Seriake Dickson former Governor of Bayelsa State.

He is one political mastermind that has remained a puzzle to many.

His heart is so large that frequent blackmails, betrayals, and disappointing conducts are lost in a deep pool of forgiveness.

He readily dines with those who throw the darts at him when they come seeking forgiveness. He does not cling to any grudge, there is no time to dwell on the faults of people, he does not have any enemy to fight!

One sweet lesson I have taken from him his is commitment to His God. His tambourine with which he sings the praises of the most High God every day when he was Governor is a witness to his service to God. He served God well. He is still serving. So he did not find it difficult to serve man.

As Governor, he served beyond the boundaries of Bayelsa. His antecedents are a massive trailblazer! He created the Ministry of Ijaw Affairs, the office of the Commissioner for Ijaw Affairs, the Special Adviser, Ijaw Affairs to address serious existential issues to the threatened Ijaw nation.

He appointed many Ijaw sons and daughters from outside Bayelsa to contribute in their little ways the development of the beloved homeland. He was the first take in the odds to do it!

He created the Ijaw National Academy and gave Scholarships to our people from all the states to which they are indigenous.

His government was a mini Nigeria. The media team alone had people from seven states: Hon Francis Agbo (Benue) Fidelis Soriwei (Ondo), Ono Akpe (Delta), Claire Arinze (Anambra), Soji Ajibola (Oyo), The SA Photography ( Moses) (Kogi), James Agori (Delta). In fact, our gratitude cannot be in excess!

The people’s appreciation of your leadership style is the loudest explanation for your resounding victory over your opponents in the last senatorial bye election.

As you celebrate you 55th birthday today, I pray to the Almighty God to continue to bless you and your household with good health and prosperity.

May the Lord answer you before you call, and hear you while you are yet speaking IJN.

Happy birthday to the Ofuruma Pepe, a great leader with a difference!