Abdulhafiz Umar Barau Wishes Muslim Devotees A Warm Ramadan

As a show of support and cooperation, Abdulhafiz Umar Barau, a well-known businessman and CEO of Ittihad Energy, has sent warm regards to all Muslims in Nigeria as they begin the holy month of Ramadan.

The businessman from the diaspora wished everyone a successful and spiritually enlightening Ramadan. Acknowledging the importance of this sacred month in the Islamic calendar, the ruler highlighted the principles of loyalty, empathy, and communal solidarity that are nurtured during Ramadan.

Speaking from his residence in the United Arab Emirates, Barau emphasised the value of respect and understanding amongst individuals of different religious beliefs, reinforcing the long-standing custom of peaceful cohabitation that has defined the neighbourhood. He reaffirmed his commitment to promoting collaboration and harmony between all the religious denominations in the area.

Abdulhafiz Umar Barau

During this auspicious time, Abdulhafiz Umar Barau urged Muslims to extend a hand of friendship and goodwill to their Muslim neighbours by embracing the spirit of tolerance and empathy.

To foster harmony and goodwill among all, he exhorted Muslims to practise self-examination, acts of charity, and prayer, deriving inspiration from Islamic teachings.

Abdulhafiz Umar Barau called on Muslims to offer prayers for the country and wished them a spiritually fruitful Ramadan fast.