Abe, Wike Reconciliation Furor: Eze Describes Media Ruckus As Frills-and-Flashy

…Says the Duo Have Been Satanic Conspirators, Had No Brawl All Along
… Reveals the next Satanic Agenda of the Duo

“…..Eze restated that Abe Was never having any problem with Wike but was sent on an assignment; and it is now time for him to report back to his boss for a recompense. So the news of reconciliation should be discountenanced as a thrash….”

Erstwhile National Publicity Secretary of the defunct New People’s Democratic Party (nPDP) and chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze says the media frenzy over purported reconciliation between SDP Governorship candidate in the 2023 election, Senator Magnus Ngei Abe and FCT Minister, Barr Nyesom Wike is nothing but a media distraction carefully schemed to curry public attention in a bid to excite political interest in their own divide.

Faulting claims peddled by Abe in his recent statement wherein he asserted that he has made peace with Wike, Eze said the duo are long time evil conspirators in the battle-royal for the soul of Rivers State and the purported claim of reconciliation by the former Rivers Southeast Senator is a blatant falsehood deployed to sway the public and should be thrashed as there was never a time they severed from each other but have always worked symbiotically to crumble dissenting voices from the Rivers APC.

Abe’s statement further read- “I want to publicly thank the Minister, he could have behaved like other politicians_made peace with me, and still encourage me, Tony Okocha and others to continue fighting (You bring Magnus in the morning through one door, then bring Tony in the evening through the other door). But his style is direct, truthful and sincere, and it will create a united team.

The disagreements within is over and done for good, because the oxygen for conflict has been extinguished….,”

It is a fact most deducible from the statement that Abe, as typical of him, recognizes the FCT Minister, Nyesom Wike as the leader of the All Progressives Congress in Rivers State; same Wike who, at the same time is jostling and lobbying for the leadership of the PDP in the state. This indeed, is a corruption of politics and only folks suffering from moral bankruptcy like Abe will subscribe to this cadre of irking insipidity.

As a matter of fact, it is still fresh in the memories of Nigerians the spoiler role Senator Abe played against the Rivers APC in 2015 which led to the ultimate scuttling of the party’s chances at the polls.

Again, at the wake of the 2019 elections, Nigerians saw Senator Abe deploying some sort of sophisticated sleight against the APC and this time, the party could not field any candidate for the elections of that year. These, Abe did, with the surreptitious motive to allow Wike a free ride to a second term. And as a political merchant, he was handsomely rewarded handsomely by the Wike led government of Rivers State.

In his characteristic instability, Abe left the APC for the gubernatorial ticket of the Social Democratic Party (SDP). Although he had very little or no chance of victory, he used the SDP platform to campaign against the APC and President Tinubu, while always lauding Wike for dishing out obnoxious executive orders to inhibit the APC and other rival political parties in the state from holding rallies and engaging with electorates.

As a key player and steady participant in most of the crucial activities of the APC in Rivers State, Eze said he will be failing Nigerians and the world if he shy away from exposing Abe’s political antecedents littered with debasing trajectory, especially his latest gimmick to sneak himself into the long list of those scampering for federal appointments through the FCT Minister, who has elevated himself into the status of a Governor of the federal capital.

Eze hinted that though he is not against Abe benefitting from his devilish acts against the APC, but it is erroneous for the former Lawmaker to deceive the gullible public with the false narrative of reconciling with Wike to strengthen the APC when the question of Wike’s legitimate membership of the APC and his status in the PDP are unknown.

One would have loved to hear Abe say he has come to ask for his recompense after successfully executing his contract with Wike.

“If Abe apparently wants to reconcile with the APC after his dirty deals against the party, he should meet the leader of the party in the state to demonstrate the genuineness of his actions, else that saboteur – Abe should stop polluting the media space with falsehood”, Eze noted.

The APC Chief highlighted that the reconciliation narrative may also have been schemed to present a formal re-entrance of Abe into the APC in other to allow the later checkmate the hollow-brained Tony Okocha who appears to have failed in his assigned duty to tackle the administration of Siminialayi Fubara.

Given the situation, Wike must have reasoned that a more aggressive and volificous Media personality like Abe need to come in officially to take over from where Brainless Okocha have stopped.

Eze highlighted that Abe May have so far kickstarted his second mission of assisting in the ongoing efforts to bring down Governor Fubara and his administration by his recent Media rantings supporting the void call for Governor Fubara to represent an already signed State Budget before an illegal State Assembly. Abe, by experience and training and a Lawyer should be one of those on the fair side insisting that those 27 lawmakers who defected have in all honesty, lost their seats, instead he chose to stoop so low in order to curry federal appointment.

Eze restated that Abe Was never having any problem with Wike but was sent on an assignment; and it is now time for him to report back to his boss for a recompense. So the news of reconciliation should be discountenanced as a thrash.

Finally, With this funny reconciliation between two greatest enemies of APC, I wish to plead with President Tinubu to consider favourably all that my good friend Abe have done to assist you achieve your political aim in Rivers State by granting him his desired political office. He has suffered enough and entitled to a very high compensation.

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