Ahmed Datti Raises Concern Over Violation Of Peace Accord

Vice Presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP), Ahmed Datti has called on the presidential and vice presidential candidates of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) to honour the peace accord which provided a code of conduct for the candidates ahead of the 2023 elections.

Datti who addressed a press briefing in Abuja said the comments of Bola Tinubu and Kashim Shettima are desperate measures to rubbish the LP candidate who towers above other candidates, adding that no blemish arising from his occupation of public office cannot be found to discredit him.

He enjoined the presidential candidates of the APC to face the issue of competence and preparedness to lead Nigeria, pointing out that the Labour Party has continued to increase its reach to more voters despite the attacks.

“In the squabble for second and third positions, some erstwhile major political parties appear to have crossed the boundaries of decency to transgress our peaceful activities and our focus on political schedules.

“Just a few days ago, the presidential candidate of the APC speaking in Delta State, and referring to our presidential candidate, said that it was a disgrace to mention his name.

“While our candidate is quite comfortable with not being mentioned, it is most unpresidential, indecorous and disrespectful of the candidate who claims his turn at Nigerian presidency.

“APC’s strategy against Peter Obi now appears very clearly centred on promoting falsehood, in addition to empty and derogatory personal attacks, and of course, this is because they can find no contentious points of negativity to push,” he stated.

Datti who mocked the vice presidential candidate of the APC said: “We congratulate Mr Shettima on having improved his dressing, but equally remind him that he needs to improve on his public composure and discipline in communication.

“Shettima is called upon to speak kindly and more responsibly about all personalities if only to uphold long-established standards.

“Others are not left out; It is important to underline that oaths of office do not expire with tenure, and hence the comment that the Northern electorate does not need a Yoruba or Igbo leader is greatly at variance with the oaths of office taken in 1999 and 2003 respectively, and the Peace Accord of 2022.

“This is to call upon the owner of the statement to respectfully retract same to be readmitted to the honour list of esteemed presidential candidates. The truth of the matter is that every Nigerian from anywhere needs a credible and competent president. Simple,” he said.

Datti said presidential candidates should note that Nigerians are more aware and demand competent and pragmatic leadership, adding that “2023 elections will be different as Nigerian electorate are increasingly becoming aware of the dangers of ethnic and religious politics; a fact that causing anxiety, frustration, and desperation with political actors of the old order.

“Consequently these attacks against us are only likely to increase; we must call on authorities to live up to constitutional responsibilities, and on the general public to regard lies, misinformation, and propaganda for exactly what they are.

“The ObiDient Movement under Labour Party will continue to remain faithful to founding principles and the Signed Peace Accord and we equally invite all stakeholders to emulate. The next few weeks will see an escalation of election activity.”

He urged Nigerians who have not yet collected their PVCs, to do so without delay, to follow through, to identify their polling booths, vote, and defend their votes.

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