March 21, 2023

ALBNI Demands Immediate And Unconditional Release Of Ayodele Samuel

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Oloye Ayodele Samuel

The Accountable Leadership for Better Nigeria Initiative (ALBNI) strongly condemns the continued incarceration of Oloye Ayodele Samuel, Publisher of Truth and Facts Newspaper and CEO of Rock FM 92.3 Jalingo under circumstances that are not too clear to us and others in the media industry and human rights community.

Whereas there had been reports alleging displeasure on the part of the Governor of Taraba State, Arch. Darius Ishaku, about some news reports in the media concerning activities by the State Government, it is beyond belief that it could have led to the arrest and detention of Oloye Ayodele Samuel.

We are gravely concerned about the statement alleged to have been made on the floor of the State House of Assembly by the Governor of Taraba State seeking to establish a legislation intentionally directed at a Nigerian citizen.

We remind the Governor that Nigeria is a country governed by law, with the Constitution providing cover for freedom of expression and the Press.

Oloye Ayodele Samuel

It is unfortunate that such a statement, as attributed to him, can actually come from a Governor under a democratic dispensation, no matter what might have provoked him.

We appeal to the Governor to explore civil and regulatory channels provided for addressing any infractions, as he might have found.

The Accountable Leadership for Better Nigeria Initiative (ALBNI) is reluctant to believe that the Judiciary in Taraba State could be in possession of the facts of the matter as it concerns Mr Ayodele Samuel, a Journalist whose long standing mission has been that of using the media platform to promote Taraba State and its development, and sanction his incarceration in prison.

It is important to remind the Arch Darius Ishaku-led government in Taraba State, that the media can only continue to offer partnership with the Government in an atmosphere where justice, fairness and accommodation dissenting views of practitioners are guaranteed regardless of place of birth or origin.

The likes of Oloye Samuel, who after his mandatory national service, has chosen Taraba as a home will further be encouraged, in an atmosphere where his rights and privileges are not infringed upon, or being made to feel unwanted among the people he has chosen to be his own.

We therefore join our voices with that of media practitioners across the country, Human Rights Community, as well as the family of Mr Ayodele Samuel, in calling for the immediate and unconditional release of the Journalist from detention.

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