ALBNI Urges Compliance With COVID-19 Restrictions On Christmas

urges leaders to respond to people’s pains

The Accountable Leadership for Better Nigeria Initiative, ALBNI has congratulated the Christians,and indeed all Nigerians on the peculiar 2020 Christmas celebration.

A statement jointly released on Friday in Abuja by its Executive Director, Mr. Remi Adebayo and Secretary General, Mr. Ibrahim Dan-Halilu stated that regardless of some challenges that beclouded the year 2020 as witnessed by the outbreak of Covid-19, the EndSARS protests and economic downturn, Nigerians still have enough reasons to thank God and be grateful.

The organisation noted that indeed, the year is one where hopes were lost but it is also that which rekindled in the people that resilience typical of the renowned Nigerian spirit.

On the Christmas celebration, ALBNI charges Christians to show love by being their brother and sister’s keepers as most citizens require support to stay happy and hopeful.

“While not pretending that all is well, Christmas season offers that rare opportunity to reenact the unconditional love and tolerance exemplified by the life and ministry of Jesus Christ; we cannot give less for the unity and restoration of our nation amidst some threats against us and the unity of our nation.

“It is high time the message of love, peace and tolerance becomes that cardinal point in each home that must be replicated broadly for the survival of our nation,” the statement read.

The group appealed to Nigerian leaders to be mindful of the pains of the people by formulating lasting and impactful policies that can mitigate the suffering of the masses for restoration and healing.

“The first assurance must see government at all level giving its best and be seen to combat the growing but disturbing insecurity across our nation, especially in the Northern part of Nigeria to the barest. No nation can survive of develop its capacity in the midst of conflict,” the statement stated.

ALBNI also reminded that this Christmas comes with its peculiarity due the second wave of Covid-19 which is ravaging the world, Nigeria inclusive; the group therefore called on Nigeria to celebrate with utmost caution by observing strictly the non pharmaceutical instructions as reeled the Presidential Task Force on Covid-19.

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