All Forms Of Data Modifications Can Only Be Made In Person And Not By Proxy Say NIMC

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has said that requests for possible modification of record(s) relating to the Biodata (Date of Birth, Name, etc.) of Applicants on the previous Enrolment can only be done at NIMC Enrolment Centers.

According to a notice from NIMC spokesperson Kayode Adegoke, he said that all forms of Data Modifications can only be made in person and not by proxy and all Processing Fee Payments are to be through the NIMC Remita Platform.

The notice reads, “We also wish to notify you that Local Front End Partners (FEPs)/VENDORS are not licensed to carry out modification services. Please be guided accordingly and do not give in to extortion.

“Should anyone request for Cash Payment or Deposit into personal account before service, contact the Anti-Corruption and Transparency Unit of the Commission directly by sending a mail to actu@nimc.gov.ng or call
08157691214, 09034959433.

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