Alliance Hospital Debunks Wild Allegations Of Kidney Harvesting

A frontline Abuja based medical institution, Alliance Hospital has vehemently denied allegations of engaging in illegal kidney harvesting.

In a statement issued by the hospital, the Medical Director, Dr. Otabor C.U categorically refuted claims made in recent articles published by the Daily Trust newspaper, asserting that these are part of a targeted campaign of calumny against the institution.

Dr. Otabor emphasized that all kidney transplant cases in the Hospital undergo a thorough screening process, ensuring compliance with legal and ethical standards.

“Donors must be 18 years or older, sign consent in the presence of witnesses, swear an affidavit affirming voluntary donation without financial inducements, and disclose their relationship to the recipient.” Dr. Otabor stated while emphasising the the Hospital’s strict adherence to these protocols.

Regarding the specific case mentioned in the articles, involving a petition by one Lawal Idris on behalf of his client, Oluwatobi Adebayo, alleging Alliance Hospital harvested the minor’s kidney without proper investigation, Dr. Otabor clarified that the case has been brought before the police and subsequent investigations by the Authorities found no merit in the claims against the hospital.

Dr. Otabor noted that the complainants have employed various tactics, including legal threats, in unsuccessful attempts to extort money from the hospital under the guise of compensation to the kidney donor. Alliance Hospital however, refused to succumb to demands for compensation, asserting its innocence. The hospital promptly responded to one of such demands made through the Legal Aid Council’s letter and emphasized its readiness to address the matter in court.

Questioning the motives of Daily Trust, Alliance Hospital stated that, despite providing the newspaper with all relevant facts during their inquiries, it chose to present a vindictive and biased perspective. The hospital criticized the newspaper’s decision to publish articles without due regard for facts and fairness, expressing readiness to explore legal means if the newspaper fails to retract the defamatory publications.

The hospital urged Daily Trust to conduct unbiased investigative journalism, inviting the newspaper to delve deeper into the alleged organ trade, while emphasising its non-involvement in any illegal organ harvesting activities since 2017 when it established a kidney transplant unit to address the rising issue of kidney failure in Nigeria, successfully saving lives through stringent procedures for organ transplant cases.

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