Alliance To Adeyinka; Keep Adejobi Out of Your Murder Case Allegations

The Integrity Youth Alliance has called on Dorcas Adeyinka to face her murder case allegation, which is a weighty offence in Nigeria and all over the world, rather than shifting attention through a coalition of women’s rights and empowerment-based organisations to the person of Nigeria Police Force Public Relations Officer, ACP Olumuyiwa Adejobi.

According to a press release on Sunday, May 26, 2024, signed by the Board Chair of the Alliance, Comrade Adewole Kehinde said that Dorcas Adeyinka should come out of her hiding to face the murder case allegation against her by the Foluso Olabanji family.

The statement read, “The law is very clear on murder cases, especially Section 320 of the Criminal Code, which defines an attempt to murder as follows: “Any person who: (a.) Attempts unlawfully to kill another; or (b.) With intent unlawfully to kill another, does any act or omits to do any act which it is his duty to do, such act or omission being of such a nature as to be likely to endanger human life.”

“Also, Section 321 of the Criminal Code Act in Nigeria says that any person who, being under sentence of penal servitude or imprisonment for three years or more, attempts to commit murder is liable to imprisonment for life.

“It is a shame that the so-called coalition of women’s rights and empowerment-based organisations could say that the Gazette that declared Dorcas Adeyinka was “the machination of ACP Adejobi, who must have been manipulated by his lady friend, Morounranti Ashabi, to use his office and closeness to the IGP, Kayode Egbetokun, to carry out the plan.”.

“The law allows for security agencies to declare a person wanted through a court application for a warrant of the arrest of a person who may have allegedly committed an offence.

“Nigerians should know that a declaration can be made if the alleged offender has not turned up, is evading arrest, refusing arrest, or is on the run.

“The Gazette that declared Dorcas Adeyinka wanted complied with Section 36(2) of the ACJA, and we should not forget that warrants can be issued on any day, including Sunday and public holidays.

“The warrant of arrest gives power to any policeman to arrest the suspect in any place, on any day. The only place where the suspect cannot be arrested is inside a court when the court is sitting.

“We therefore called on Dorcas Adeyinka not to personalise the murder case allegation but rather that she should show up and defend all the allegations against her, the statement concluded.

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