Arise TV Appearance: Rear Admiral Henry Babalola (rtd) clarifies, “I Never Spoke For The Chief Of Naval Staff.”

The former Flag Officer Commanding, Eastern Naval Command of the Nigerian Navy, Rear Admiral Henry Babalola (rtd), has debunked the allegations made by the Niger Delta Stakeholders Forum, NDSF, after his appearance on the Arise TV Morning Show of Dr. Reuben Abatti and his team.

Responding to the allegations by the Niger Delta Stakeholders Forum that Babalola “bought multimillion-dollar properties in Abuja, Lagos, his native Ondo Town in Ondo State, America, the United Kingdom, and offshore havens,” Babalola said he only has a three-bedroom bungalow on the wrong side of town, Apo Dutse.

“I have a twin four-bedroom bungalow in my hometown, Ondo Kingdom, and one backroom four-bedroom house in Lekki for all my over 43 years’ service in the armed forces.

“I don’t have any property outside Nigeria. I never spoke for the Chief of Naval Staff; I spoke for the institution that made me.

He, however, said, “Tests conducted by relevant NNPC Ltd. agencies confirmed that the vessel Tantita said was conveying stolen crude oil was confirmed to be conveying approved Low Pour Fuel Oil, LPFO.

“Let them continue their campaigns of calumny. It is the price of speaking out.
“We live in a funny contraption called Nigeria. That is why the militants who killed several officers and men of the armed forces in cold blood are now the new enforcers of maritime laws in Nigeria. So sad.

He reiterated that his newest car is a 2013 BMW.

“The only new car I ever rode was the 406 President Obasanjo gave us on credit that I successfully repaid. Anyone is free to verify these assertions.

“The billions they say I have is a figment of their mischievous and criminal imaginations. Let them take a cue from me and tell us about their financial status.

Babalola further said that Tantita’s allegations are an attempt to tarnish his 43 years of honourable service.

The retired naval chief spoke holistically to protect the integrity of the Nigerian Navy and its officers, whose officers have over the years worked assiduously to protect the Nigerian territorial waters.

Recalled that the Niger Delta Stakeholders Forum, NDSF, had earlier called for the probe of former Flag Officer Commanding, Eastern Naval Command of the Nigerian Navy, Rear Admiral Henry Babalola (rtd) for allegedly aiding oil thieves during his years in service.