Arrest Of Abure, An Insult To Democracy – Kenneth Okonkwo

The ill-advised arrest and manhandling of the National Chairman of the Labour Party, Julius Abure, by a partisan Edo Police Command, is an insult to democracy.

It is a shame that the incompetent Edo Police PRO, who displayed absolute lack of knowledge of law, could use the phrase “factional National Chairman” for Abure. This is a purely political statement that the police force, as a non-partisan organisation, is forbidden to make.

Attempting to disorganise the Labour Party on the eve of organising its Edo gubernatorial primary election when APC and PDP have failed to conduct theirs successfully shows that the arrest is a political arrow shot against the Labour Party to achieve the disorganisation of the primary election.

The job of the police is the maintenance of law and order, not to foment anarchy. What was so urgent in the arrest of Abure that couldn’t wait until after the gubernatorial primary of LP in Edo? If Abure committed any breach of the law, he should be dealt with in accordance with the law not in accordance with brute force.

Why has Edo Police not arrested APC Leaders who openly used thugs to scatter the APC Gubernatorial primary election? They were rather quick in arresting Abure who was not even present when Edo people resisted some persons who wanted to extort money from them under the false pretence that they were Labour Party officials trying to organise gubernatorial primary elections in Edo.

Rather than arresting the extortionists, and the impostors, the Police is arresting the legitimate Labour Party officials in Edo. This must stop.