Aso Rock Shootings: My Thoughts

By Dr. Samson Olawoyin

I am very concern with the serious security breach in the Villa – how the President’s aides use their closeness with him to abuse their position in a manner that has the potential of the President getting infected with Coronavirus.

I am really concerned about the implications of this happening for the stability of our country, already facing serious security challenges.

If these aides, together with the many security agents, are not living up to their responsibility, why should his wife fold her arms. It is better to take precautionary measures than be sorry.
You could see in one of the pictures that appeared in today’s Daily Trust how that Tunde (the President’s niece’s son from the maternal side of his gobirawa family) gets close to our president while performing his duty.

Shouldn’t that person be extra careful? Even in self-enlightened interest? Should Mrs Buhari bear with his recklessness just because he is a nephew to Mr President?

Coronavirus virus is no respecter of class or power. If those in power and their hangers-on do not respect the virus and do the needful, it deals with them ruthlessly.

Ask Boris Johnson, Mike Pence, Nkurunziza, Govs Nasir el Rufa’i, Bala Mohamned and his deputy etc.

That the President’s handlers are not taking COVID 19 security seriously despite the tragic loss of Mallam Abba Kyari – may God Almighty give him peace – is mind boggling. On this issue I stand with Madam.

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