Bayelsa Youth Vows To Resist Election Rigging Following Attacks On PDP Supporters In Brass Local Government

In the wake of recent attacks on supporters of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Brass Local Government, the Bayelsa Youth Vanguard has issued a stern warning, vowing to resist any attempt to rig the upcoming governorship election in the state.

Yesterday, reports surfaced of violent incidents targeting PDP supporters in Brass Local Government. The attacks, allegedly carried out by unidentified assailants, left several individuals injured and raised concerns about the potential impact on the electoral process.

In response to these incidents, the Bayelsa Youth Vanguard, a prominent youth group in the state, condemned the attacks and expressed their commitment to ensuring a free and fair electoral process in the state.

Mr. Alakiri ThankGod, the Group’s President, stated, “We strongly condemn the violent attacks on innocent PDP supporters in Brass. Such actions have no place in a democratic society, and we will not tolerate any attempt to undermine the will of the people. We vow to resist any form of election rigging and call on law enforcement agencies to immediately apprehend those responsible for these attacks.”

The Bayelsa Youth Vanguard also called on its members and the general public to remain calm and peaceful, emphasizing the importance of conducting a violence-free election. They urged political leaders to prioritize the safety of citizens and the integrity of the democratic process.

Meanwhile, INEC have assured residents of increased security measures in Brass and other potentially volatile areas ahead of the governorship election scheduled for Saturday. Law enforcement agencies are working to identify and apprehend the perpetrators of the recent attacks.

As the election day approaches, all eyes will be on Bayelsa to observe how the situation unfolds and whether the security measures will be effective in ensuring a peaceful and transparent electoral process.

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