December 7, 2022

Be Patient With Us Arc. Miebi Bribena To Baraza Members

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The President and the Chief Executive Officer of Baraza multi-purpose cooperative society Arc. Miebi Bribena has assured it’s members to be patient with the management of the cooperative saying that no contributor money would loss as management only faces minor challenges.

The Arc. Bribena disclosed in an one-on-one interview session with TrackNews Online, he said ” he wishes to use this medium to inform all members of our cooperative to remain calm as issue of delay in payment will has resolved and they will surely get their pay as the new payment schedule procedure which they all agreed in the general meeting with members.

“As earlier stated in our general meeting via zoom on the 20th of March, 2021, the issues bothering on timely payments are issues that has been discussed and addressed.

“As stated in the zoom meeting we are faced with a situation where abilities to change and withdraw our profits takes five to fifteen working days as against the previous timeline of two to five working days, a situation that has far reaching implications for our man hour trading time. This has greatly affected our ability to meet target profits, he re-assured members to be confident with the cooperative that their money is safe and the business going smoothly.

“The other issue is regularizations of our payment which is being managed effectively. Our goal is to have a seamless payment system irrespective of top up etc.

“We want to reiterate that we do not have any issue with any government agencies or other bodies. We are a cooperative and are regulated by certain laws which have not been defaulted. He further clarified the members and the general public that Baraza Multi-purpose Cooperative Society is not an Investment or a ponze platform. Baraza is a cooperative society where members contribute and trade and share profit.

“Our inabilities to meet up payment clearly has more to do with our inability to change our currency to our medium of exchange within a short time frame .

“Kindly note also that suspension of April payment is done in good faith and in order to allow the management to design such model to combat these issues and serve you better.

Always know that your interest is our primary concern and utmost goal and we will not renege neither will we abandon such noble objective.

“To this end we are working tirelessly to manage these issues and we assure you that normalcy will be restored shortly ” he assured.

Arc. Bribena further advise members of Baraza Multi-purpose Cooperative Society to dissociate their selves from fake news peddle by envious individuals who bend on seeing the co-op reactive to collapse simply because the management didn’t offered their biding of working with cooperative in the legal department. He specifically warn Mr. Saint Mienpaowei the Chief Executive Officer NaijaLive Tv, that he has been carrying fake news against the cooperative and also tarnish his name that he has built for the past years.” Mienpaowei posted it in his blog that, I have absconded with members money to resettle with my family in Ghana” Mr. Saint has forgotten that my family has been living in Ghana for the past 8-10 years. Anyway, I have directed my lawyers to sue Mienpaowei Saint. “I am waiting for him to tell the whole world and the members of Baraza Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society through the court, how I defrauded the members an absconded to Ghana with their monies.

“I am not under any restriction, so it mischievous for Mienpaowei to declare in his blog that I have absconded. Is Mienpaowei Saint is a member of Baraza? So the question is who is sponsoring him? and what are his motives? I run a cooperative society on behalf of my registered members only, and I am answerable to them.”

“The cooperative has his bye laws and regulations and the highest decision making body of the cooperative pis the general meeting, because there are decisions I can’t take alone.

To get full details of the interview watch the video..

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