Benefits Of IGP Egbetokun’s Attendance At The World Police Summit 2024

By Adewole Kehinde

“Teamwork appears most effective if each individual helps others to succeed, increasing the synergy of that team; ideally, every person will contribute different skills to increase the efficiency of the team and develop its unity.” Andrew Carnegie

The World Police Summit Conference is the premier global platform for police and security experts. Explore the latest developments and promote better policing through engaging conversations.

The global symposium is a forum for law enforcement, security, and policing professionals from around the world to exchange insights, best practices, and strategies for addressing contemporary challenges in public safety and security.

The World Police Summit serves as a platform for fostering international collaboration and cooperation in combating transnational crime, terrorism, cyber threats, and other emerging security issues by providing a unique opportunity for law enforcement leaders to engage in constructive dialogue, share experiences, and explore innovative solutions to complex security challenges.

The Nigeria Police remains committed to leveraging international platforms such as the World Police Summit to enhance its capacity, knowledge, and capabilities in addressing evolving security threats and safeguarding the safety and well-being of all Nigerians.

The insights gained from this summit will inform strategic initiatives and operational approaches to ensure effective policing and law enforcement across the country.

IGP Egbetokun was warmly received at the Dubai Police Headquarters on March 8th by Lt. Gen. Abdulla Khalifa Obaid Al Marri, the esteemed Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, and the Dubai Management Team.

During his attendance at the summit, the IGP participated in high-level discussions, panel sessions, and workshops that focused on key thematic areas such as counterterrorism, crime prevention, community policing, and technological advancements in law enforcement.

He also networked with counterparts from various countries, strengthening bilateral and multilateral partnerships in the global fight against crime.

Some benefits of Nigeria’s participation at the summit include gaining invaluable knowledge and insights from the elite expert speakers, acclaimed leaders from agencies, national forces, and policing and security global communities across seven conferences.

Also, it provided Nigeria with access to the Global Networking Hub, allowing it to network with industry officials and peers from over 138 countries, foster meaningful connections, and exchange ideas to debate and design tomorrow’s policing strategies.

By attending the conference, Nigeria gained policing excellence, as the attendance of IGP Kayode Egbetokun has elevated our policing skills and law enforcement knowledge through various conferences, professional workshops, and accredited masterclasses.

Also, IGP Egbetokun discovered pioneering innovations through the exhibition of 1000’s solutions and technologies, fast-track product research, and enhanced operational efficiency.

Undoubtedly, the World Police Summit 2024 showcased cutting-edge technology and provided a platform for an amazing display of advancements in the field.

IGP Egbetokun found the summit to be highly productive, fostering a sense. of unity among the diverse and multicultural attendees.

With seven distinct conferences covering strategic and technical disciplines, featuring keynotes and breakout sessions, it covers vital themes in 21st-century policing.

The conference programme covers crime prevention, such as the MIT Conference, Crime & Criminal Justice, organised crime, economic crime, anti-money laundering crime, virtual assets crime, and cybercrime; drones; resilience and sustainability; future mobility and traffic safety; forensics science; anti-narcotics; and K9, such as mounted lice and the K K9 Conference.

Among the speakers are Fatima Waziri-Azi, PhD, Director-General, National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons, Nigeria;

Gatherings like the World Police Summit are critically important. They enable the exchange of information not only across countries but also across areas of expertise.

It was a great opportunity for IGP Egbetokun to share new knowledge with the practitioners who will hopefully benefit from it and hear from practitioners about their most pressing problems and needs in the field.

As we all know, technology today has become a major contributor to solving crimes and providing reliable forensic evidence. Technology has become a valuable component in forensic practice. It empowers practitioners to address formerly intractable problems such as understanding the number of contributors to a complex DNA mixture or taking precise measurements of striations on a bullet.

The World Police Summit provided a venue for Nigeria to learn about new technology and how it can help with casework.

By bringing together professionals from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, the World Police Summit has enabled the exchange of cutting-edge technologies and methodologies, empowering practitioners to enhance their crime-solving capabilities.

With the continuous advancement of technology, the World Police Summit served as a platform for developing forensic sciences and criminology, ensuring that law enforcement agencies remained at the forefront of innovation in the fight against crime.


Adewole Kehinde is the publisher of Swift Reporters and can be reached at 08166240846, E-mail: