Beware Of Scammers: OAU Does Not Recruit, Give Contract Via Social Media – Management

The management of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State, has debunked the conversation online about an alleged staff recruitment exercise currently going on in the University.

A release by the Public Relations Officer of the University, Abiodun Olarewaju, stated that the said conversation is not only false but devilish, malicious and a pure scam.

The statement read, “In the same vein, the Vice Chancellor of the University, Professor Adebayo Simeon BAMIRE does NOT give contracts, employment, undertake or perform any official functions through any of the social media platforms.

“We, therefore, want the general public, most especially those desperately in need of employment, or those who are in pursuit of contracts to know that the Vice Chancellor, either by himself or proxy, will not ask for any financial inducement from anybody to perform his official duties.

“OAU, as a reputable academic institution of higher learning with an international reputation, does not engage in secret or clandestine employment or award of contracts, and its Vice-Chancellor or any other Principal Officers of the University ask an applicant for any monetary or material gratification.

“In fact, our staff recruitment exercise and award of contracts always follow due process. We normally place vacancies advertisement in two widely read National Dailies and the same will be displayed on the University website. Please, also note that we do not engage the services of an outsider either for our staff recruitment exercise or award of contracts.

“In view of this, the general public should disregard, in its entirety, the contents of the said conversation about OAU and, or its Vice-Chancellor.

“The University does not know or have any relationship whatsoever with anyone by whatever name who may be claiming to be acting on behalf of the University on social media

“Therefore, anything done or purportedly done on behalf of the University or its Vice Chancellor in relation to the award of contracts or staff recruitment, by anybody through whatever name in any of the social media platforms, has nothing to do with the University.

“Accordingly, any person or group of persons who transacts, or has transacted any business in the name of the University on social media platforms, does so at their own risk. And the University will not be liable or responsible for such unintelligent misadventures.