Biafra Liberation Army Protects Southeast, Others From Attacks By Terrorists In Nigeria – BRGIE

The Biafra Government in Exile, a separatist group, says the Biafra Liberation Army’s sole objective is to defend and protect southeast and parts of south-south regions against deadly attacks by Jihadist terrorists in Nigeria.

Prime Minister BRGIE, Simon Ekpa, disclosed this in a statement on Thursday amid rising insecurity in Nigeria.

According to him, the creation of BLA by BRGIE on October 20 2023, after its convention, was due to the increased cases of attacks on homes, markets and properties in the Southeast by Terrorists in Nigeria.

He stressed that the Biafra Liberation Army has been established to defend Biafra territory against external aggression and invasion by Terrorists in Nigeria.

The Finland-based lawyer Ekpa noted BLA is to protect Biafrans against unfortunate attacks such as the 2023 Christmas Eve massacre in Plateau state by terrorists in Nigeria.

He added that with the establishment of BLA, insecurity has dropped across the 40 states of Biafra, except those carried out by the Nigerian state actors.

“Following the continued Jihadist Terrorists killings in parts of Nigeria, such as the December 24 2023, Christmas Eve massacre in Plateau State, the continued killings in Benue state, the Biafra Liberation Army is to protect Biafrans in Southeast region against senseless and mindless killings by Terrorists”.

“The main objective of the Biafra Liberation Army is to defend our land against the killings and aggression of Terrorists in Nigeria.

“We have witnessed the Terrorists burning down markets, villages and communities in different parts of the Southeast, and the government in Exile had no option but to form the Biafra Liberation Army with equal arms and firepower to defend Biafrans and protect.

“Since the establishment of the Biafra Liberation Army, insecurity has dropped in the 40 states in the Southeast and south-south territories. But the only insecurity remains that of Nigeria state actors”, he said.

Recall that BRGIE, on October 20 2023, announced the establishment of BLA with volunteer officers hovering around 100,000, currently stationed across different locations in Biafra land.