Blame Aisha Not

The media was agog with the news “how the power tussle in the Presidential Villa between First Lady Aisha Buhari and Sabiu ‘Tunde’ Yusuf, the President’s influential Personal Assistant and favourite nephew,” had taken a dangerous turn when the First Lady accompanied by her children – Zahra, Halima and Yusuf, – took a team of policemen led by her Aide-De-Camp to forcefully confront Tunde following an earlier heated disagreement over his refusal to self-isolate after his trip to Lagos to see his wife, who had just given birth to a boy.

With what is happening in Burundi, we shouldn’t expect the first lady, Aisha Buhari to jeopardize the health of her husband. If truly Sabiu traveled to Lagos and refused to quarantine himself for 14 days after return, the First Lady was right to deny him entry into the villa, despite his being the domestic Aide to the President.

We all know that President Buhari doesn’t use Face Mask, and Tunde Sabiu being his Domestic Assistant will definitely transmit the virus easily if he happened to be a carrier.

Now, the allegation that Aisha ordered her ADC to throw Tunde Sabiu out for refusing to Quarantine himself is more than justified, no woman will want to be widowed, especially inside the Villa and we all know that, God forbid; COVID-19 infecting President Buhari might be a death sentence.

Tunde Sabiu has ordered the arrest of Aisha’s ADC, accusing him of shooting gun inside the Villa, the irony of it all is that, Tunde Sabiu was a threat to the life of the President at that moment, he violated the law mandating all Villa staff to Self-Quarantine if they had access to location with COVID-19 and Lagos is one of such location. He should apologise to Aisha Buhari and the President for the embarrassment he caused the First family.

A case of Burundi is still very fresh; the President is dead, his mother dead, wife and sister in ICU, President- elect infected, all of COVID-19.

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