Breakdown Of Projects Done By AMAC Chairman In The Last Four Years

Below is the breakdown of projects done by AMAC Chairman in the last Four Years


(1) Supply of 800 KVA Electric plant at Area 1 shopping complex- Installed
(2) Rural Electrification scheme at Tungan Madaki Community-Completed
(3) Rural Elect. Scheme at Iddo-Sarki, GUI ward-Completed.
(4) Rural Elect.at Kuchibeyidna village completed.
(5) Rural Elect. Scheme at Pyakasa Communi- Completed.
(6) Rural Elect. Scheme at Kpai-Kpai Commumity-Completed.
(7) Rural Elect. Scheme at Gyipa Village, Kpaduma-Completed.
(8) Rural Elect. Scheme at Yimitu Village- Ongoing.
(9) Rural Elect. Scheme at Toge community -Completed.
(10) Rural Elect. Scheme at Angwan Gwari,Karshi.-completed.
(11) Rural Elect. At Jiwa Pipeline streets completed.
(12) Donations of One 500KVA Transformer to each of the following:-
* Karon majigi Community.
* Jiwa Community.
* Karshi Community.
* Orozo Community.
* Idu Community
* Ketti Community.

Abdullahi Adamu Candido, Chairman of the Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC)


(1) Comprehensive Borehole at Gui Village.
(2) Comprehensive Motorized borehole at sheretti.
(3) Comp. Motorized borehole at Karo majigi.
(4) Comp. Motorized borehole at Tungan madaki.
(5) Comp. Motorized borehole at Kaba,Gwagwa.
(6) construction of mini type 2 motorized boreholes in the following PHC :-
* Kabusa clinic
* Utako village.
* Kabusa clinic
* Gbagarape
* Orozo Clinic
* Karmo clinic
* Kurudu clinic
* Angwan Gwari KarsThe schemewagwa
* Karshi town hall.


(1) Rehabilitation of Dutsen Garki – Ongoing (1.55Km)
(2) Rahab. Of Jiwa Access road (1.42km) Completed.
(3) Rehabilitation of Gwagwa Police Junction road (1.62km) -Ongoing
(4) Completed roads now are :-
* Zaudna-Kagini access road
* Iddo-Sarki access road
* Gwagwa-Jiwa road
* Township road Gwagwa
* Jiwa phase2 township road
* Township road Kaba,Gwagwa
(5) construction of an Asphalt road at Karu FHA linking NIA qtrs.


(1) Construction of a Block of 3 Classrooms at Wasa community
(2) Const. & funishing of a Block of 3 Class rooms at Iddo-Sarki,Gui.
(3) Completion of a block classrooms at Azhata.
(4) Const of a block of 3 Classrooms with headmaster’s office at Kuyami village.
(5) Fencing of Filin-Dabo PRI.school, Jiwa.
(6) Production of customised books for distribution to all primary schools.
(7) Supply of Primary Schools desks at various Schools.

(8). Const. Of a 3Block classrooms at Wukara Village.

(9) Ask AMAC Students who are Studying presently in Tertiary institutions about just concluded AMAC Scholarship of more than 300 Students.


(1) Construction/Completion of Skills acquisition centre in Jiwa,Karu and Ongoing at Kabusa ward.
(2) Distribution of Wheelchairs to Physically challenged persons across AMAC.
(3) Construction of townhall at Karshi with an Ongoing one at Jiwa town.
(4) 50% Donations from the Chairman and Vice’s Salaries monthly to the less previledges, Orphans and Widows under a Committee named Social Welfare Committee.
(5) Fencing of town hall at Karshi


(1) procurement of Four Ferguson tractors with full accessories for public hiring services
(2) Renovations and Rehabilitation of Karmo Slaughter slab
(3) Expansion of Waru fish pond
(4) Procurement and distribution of fertilizers every year freely. Did I say freely? Yes free Fertilizers every year to AMAC farmers !!!


(1) Construction of of Lugbe bridge
(2) Stone-Pitching canal of jiwa-gwagwa road.
(3) Control of flood at Kurudu township road.
(4) Construction of double cell box culvert at jiwa Tsoho.
(5) Construction of Karshi township road.
(6) Construction of Kurudu Township Road.
(7) Construction of drainage / culvert at Lugbe FHA
(8) Drainage line at Durumi3
(9) Construction of Drainage at Garki
(10) Construction of Road at Apo new Garki
(11) Construct of Karu – Abattoir linking to Abacha road.
(12) Expansion of Nyanya and Uyako Markets respectively.
(13) Construction of Primary Health care Centres ongoing in Nyanya and Garki ward too.


AMAC Under the Chairmanship of Candido Floated the following:-

(1) AMAC investment and property develop company responsible for the Construction of Kurudu relocation market as well as Kuje ultra modern market.
(2) AMAC marshal and Guard- a security outfit with over 300 youths to complement our conventional security agencies.

(3) AMAC Micro finance Bank- the First of it’s kind in FCT owned by an Area Council and they’re doing well too with a Branch in Gwagwa Market.

(4) AMAC Community Radio to be commissioned soon after securing its license.

(4) AMAC School for the Gifted, ICT and Innovation Centre at Angwan Hakimi, Orozo Ward.

(5) AMAC Environmental Cadet with over 200 youths in it.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is where AMAC monies goes after paying Salaries monthly which includes Both Civil servants, politicians and all Primary Schools and Primary Health Care Centres.

All the above projects, we have videos documentary to prove and the People of these Wards can testify or deny us.

Jibreel Muhammad Babangoshi
The Chief Press Secretary to the AMAC Chairman

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