BREAKING: First Lady Sneaks Back Into The Country

The First Lady, Mrs Aisha Buhari is back to Nigeria, Swift Reporters can authoritatively report.

It will be recalled that Nigerians were thrown into a state of shock when news emerged that the First Lady, Aisha Buhari, has relocated to Dubai because of insecurity in Aso Rock. In the report which was made exclusively by Sahara Reporters today, the First Lady has been in Dubai for about three months now.

Sahara Reporters learnt that Aisha Buhari left the country shortly after the wedding of her daughter, Hanan, which took place in September. It is not known when she will return, and the First Lady has disclosed to persons close to her that she has no idea when she will return back to the country, that there is no security for her and her family in Aso Rock.

In June, there was an uproar when news emerged about a confrontation that involved the security details of the First Lady and the President’s Personal Assistant, and this had led to reports of shootings in Aso Rock. The President’s Personal Assistant, Sabiu Yusuf had returned from a trip to Lagos, and was supposed to embark on a 14-day isolation period according to the Covid-19 guidelines, but Yusuf bluntly refused to do so.

The First Lady’s security details then tried to force him out of the Villa. The issue had snowballed into the First Lady’s ADC, Usman Shugaba, firing gunshots into the air in an attempt to capture Yusuf. But luckily for Yusuf, he managed to escape that day.

Soon after that, Yusuf ordered for the arrest of Shugaba and other security details of the First Lady. But the matter seemed to have died down when President Buhari ordered for investigations into the matter, which he described as a breach of security in Aso Rock Villa. And since then, it appears Aisha has not been feeling safe in the Villa again.

This isn’t the first time Aisha Buhari has stayed in Dubai for a long time. Even before Hanan’s wedding in September, the First Lady had been spending reasonable time in the Arab country, and breezed into the country when occasion demanded, according to the report.

In August, which was even before her daughter’s wedding, news had emerged that the First Lady had left the country for Dubai in a private jet for an emergency medical treatment. But shortly after that, it was revealed that she flew to Dubai to shop for items for Hanan’s wedding, and not for medical treatment. And even the wedding planners were also brought in from Dubai.

In a statement which was credited to a source in the presidency, the First Lady had been going to Dubai even before her daughter’s wedding, and even during the Covid-19 lockdown, she spent a long time there attending to her personal affairs. She is staying away from the villa because of security challenges there.

This news came as a shock to millions of Nigerians today, as people are worried that if the First Lady can no longer feel safe in the Presidential Villa, then what is the fate of the rest of Nigerians. Fortunately, she has the money to relocate, but what is the fate of the millions of Nigerians who cannot afford to relocate even in the face of threatening insecurity challenges all over the country?

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