Buhari: A Dictator Murdering His Own People

By Bayo Oluwasanmi

Urgent global attention is being paid to Nigeria’s monstrous President, Muhammadu Buhari, as he commits genocide on his own people. A long string of killing goes on in Katsina State. As I penned this column, at least 23 people were reportedly killed on Saturday at Ruwan Tofa Village in Zamfara State.

Buhari proved incapable of addressing the incessant killings going on in all parts of Nigeria. He is fixated on meaningless and unproductive meetings with his all Muslim-Fulani dominated military chiefs and security intelligence. The service chiefs are as dum, stupid, and incompetent as the Commander-in-Chief.

That we have a spectator President whose priority is denying the reality is a national security catastrophe. Buhari is a willing Trojan horse for division, and ultimate destruction of Nigeria.

The past few days in Katsina have made Buhari’s limitations more visible than ever. He’s been unable to secure lives and properties of Nigerians. Buhari is a dictator murdering his own people. Nigeria is breaking up internally as roaming killers increase the number of corpses in Katsina and across the nation.

On Buhari’s watch, Nigeria has become a cauldron of extreme, unabated government-induced horrors that plague the peace and civilization of our country. He has failed at the single most important task of the presidency: keeping Nigerians safe from harm.

“As president,” says Obama, “I have often said that I have no greater responsibility than protecting the American people.” What’s Buhari’s greatest responsibility? As chief executive and Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces, Buhari obviously has responsibility for national security. The constitutional responsibility for Buhari is to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. In the midst of all the killings, Buhari doesn’t understand the definition of leadership.

Buhari’s presidency has failed. Buhari’s regime and its coterie of Aso Rock propagandists value spin more than expertise. In the end, Buhari’s failure as President is about reality, not spin of lies no matter how lofty and inspiring or how crude and insulting Buhari’s apologists chisel fabrication of lies. Aren’t we “glad Buhari came our way”?