Buhari: Illiterate President Vs ASUU

By Bayo Oluwasanmi

The complete shutdown of Nigeria’s university education system for seven months and counting draws a troubling portrait of the country’s public education system under an illiterate president.

The prolonged ASUU strike is a jointly manufactured crisis by President Muhammadu Buhari, a sympathizer of Boko Haram, and Boko Haram terrorists whose objectives among others are to wipe out western education. The ASUU strike is one of Nigeria’s vilest hours in Nigeria’s educational history.

The handling of ASUU strike by Buhari shouldn’t be a surprise to Nigerians because Buhari is incompetent, illiterate, and insane. He has proved all parts of that description myriad of times. It will amount to annoying repetitive boredom to remind you of such instances. As an illiterate president, Buhari doesn’t give a damn about education. He doesn’t value education. He can’t link a country’s development to education. Why should Buhari be concerned about the 7-month-old ASUU strike? Why should Buhari have sleepless nights over the ASUU strike? His children are safely tucked away in expensive foreign universities. Buhari can’t read. He can’t write. He can’t speak. One can say with an unscientific conclusion Buhari has some kind of undiagnosed learning disability. He is the ultimate trailblazer by being Nigeria’s first illiterate president.

How can our functionally illiterate president who can probably only spell his last name be bothered about the consequences of shutting down his country’s university system? Why should we expect Buhari who is allergic to writing, reading, thinking, and oral communication summon all within his power to end the ASUU strike with presidential urgency? As an illiterate president, education only attracts his fickle attention. No wonder, he and his illiterate northern oligarchy effectively banned history from the curriculum of Nigerian schools.

When asked questions, at best Buhari answers with a distant stare, at worst, with awkward silence. He has no mental capacity to memorize a line from a poem or a prepared speech. The president is functionally illiterate by the simple tests of everyday reading, writing, and comprehension. Indeed, he can’t give what he doesn’t have. Critics and aides mock or rent their garments over Buhari’s injurious illiteracy level. ASUU is fighting an enemy who can’t read the caution sign ahead. ASUU is in for more tragic days ahead with every update.

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