Buhari’s Choice Of A Chartered Accountant As Sole Administrator Of NDDC A Masterstroke – Charles Ibiang

A former Delegate, National Conference and a Foremost National Youth and Civil Society Leader, Charles Ibiang has commended President Buhari for his choice of a Chartered Accountant, Mr. Effiong Okon Akwa as Sole Administrator of NDDC.

In a press release in Abuja on Wednesday signed by Hon. Ibiang, Public Affairs Commentator, Delegate, National Conference 2014 and a Foremost, well respected National Youth and Civil Society Leader, he stated that the appointment of Mr. Effiong Okon Akwa by President Muhammadu Buhari as the Sole Administrator of the troubled NDDC is very strategic and a masterstroke.

The statement read, President Buhari’s choice of a Chartered Accountant, Mr. Effiong Okon Akwa as Sole Administrator of NDDC a masterstroke. 

This are challenging times for the commission, it activities and Operations, and requires unusual approach. The NDDC Governing Board from the inception, has always been enmeshed in one crisis or another, and dissolved through allegations of Corruption and political scheming or balancing.
Therefore, an Interim Arrangement to putting in place a sustainable Structure for efficient service delivery is not a sacrifice too big to make now.

The Power of the Executive (Presidential) appointments rest and resides with the President, which he excercise and nobody can deny him of this Powers that is well protected by the Nigerian Constitution.

This was the sentiment and impetus the Hon. Minister of Niger Delta Affairs, Gov Godswill Akpapio reiterated in his Statement at the National Council for Niger-Delta Development meeting in Port Harcourt, which was twisted in the Media.

For one Man individual, with a delusional sense of Entitlement to give FG 14 days Ultimatum to rescind an Appointment officially made by President Muhammadu Buhari and for His Supervisory Minister of Niger-Delta doing his Job to be arrested and jailed, is the height of political hallucinations, preposterous, politically naivety, poor knowledge of Presidential System and laughably, gross expression of ignorance. This mob mentality Political Activism is self-serving and unnecessary busy body.

The Entire Niger Delta People agrees with Mr President for a forensic audit of NDDC, this process is ongoing and will soon end. Why the Hullabaloo over an interim arrangement to bring Sanity to the Commission after years of inefficiency, he queries?

Having a Professional, a Chartered Accountant and a solicitor of the Supreme Court is not only Strategic but well advised. Those constituting obstacles by threatening Court Action, a normal Nigerian long Judicial process, planning to mobilise Protest March against the Sole Administrator and quick actualization of the forensic Audit Processes are the true enemies of the Niger Delta Region.

Mr. Okon is well qualified with a fair knowledge of the Commission’s Operation which he was privileged to be offered Opportunity as a Consummate Professional to Offer technical and quality Advice to a Former Managing director of NDDC, and cannot be misconstrued as “Conflicted” as alleged by some groups, because the Executive Power then doesn’t reside with him.

The negative Narrative sponsored by Enemies of Niger Delta, reinforced by certain Fifth columnist within the Niger Delta, that if you are not Ijaw, then you are not worthy of Heading NDDC is unhealthy and causing division in the Niger-Delta Region. We shouldn’t allow this minority destroy our Unity.

We Niger-Deltans, cannot continue to be like an Atomistic Society, continually and perpetually in conflict with itself. Or Kingdom of Crabs pulling down each other always.

I call on all Niger Deltans to allow peace to reign and support Mr. Effiong to achieve our desire to have an Efficient NDDC that will deliver for all Niger Deltans./span>

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