Buhari’s War Of Genocide Against Yorubas Is Catalyst For Oduduwa Nation

By Bayo Oluwasanmi

Nigerians never envisaged a future Hitler until General Muhammadu Buhari became president. Buhari has jailed hundreds of prisoners of conscience solely for peacefully exercising their right to freedom of expression, association, and assembly in a campaign of ruthless suppression on human rights. Buhari employs federal security apparatus controlled by Fulanis to cow Nigerians.

Buhari is fast moving Nigeria from a flawed democracy into a war of genocide against Yorubas. Since he came to power, he has vigorously, relentlessly, ruthlessly, and systematically pursued the murder of Yorubas. He has caused serious bodily and mental harm to Yorubas. He has deliberately inflicted conditions of life calculated to bring about the physical destruction of Yorubas. Chief Olu Falae was kidnapped by Fulanis. Mrs. Funke Olakunrin, daughter of Reuben Fasoranti, Afenifere leader was murdered by Fulanis. Scores of Yorubas were either kidnapped or murdered by Fulani in the six southwest states.

In speeches, statements, threats, and warnings, by Buhari, the “lifeless” president and Fulani terrorist, Muhammadu Kirowa the Miyetti Allah scumbag, the askance looking IGP Mohammed Adamu, and frog face Garbage Shehu aka Garba Shehu, we can hear them ordering Fulanis: “Pulverize Yorubas, kill them, rape their women, kidnap their men, kill their children, and seize their land.”

The recent kidnappings and killings of people of Igangan in Oyo State, by Fulanis is the latest campaign of genocide against Yorubas by Buhari. The Fulani Seriki of Igangan Saliu Kadrii, is Buhari’s war commander in charge of kidnapping and murder of Igangan people. Direct assault was launched against Igangan King, Oba Lasisi Olawuyi Adeoye when his son was kidnapped by Fulani herdsmen. The king paid Seriki N4 million ransom to secure the release of his son. Local government chairman was kidnapped by Fulani. N20 million ransom was paid to Seriki before the chairman was released. Dr. Fatai Aborode who lived in Germany for years came home and established a farm. He was kidnapped by Fulanis. The farm employed over 300 Igangan youths Even after Seriki was paid millions as ransom for the release of Dr. Aborode, the Fulani herdsmen terrorists still went ahead and killed him.

Fulani terrorists backed by Buhari’s federal soldiers and police are trying to exterminate Yorubas from their towns, cities, and villages. Yoruba men, women, and children were shot, rapped, kidnapped, clubbed to death and burned alive by Fulanis. If there’s a Nigerian who can’t hear the drums of war by Buhari’s regime against Yorubas, the person must be deaf.

It is against this backdrop that Chief Sunday Adeyemo Igboho came to the defense and rescue of Igangan people. The act of bravery and audacity displayed by Igboho in the crossfire of history, shattered the complacency of Yorubas. No Yoruba – civilian or military- posed a threat to Nigeria. Buhari targets Yorubas solely because of his own demented beliefs and personal prejudices. Buhari’s organized murder of Yorubas and aloofness of the spectator Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State, forced Igboho to take up the gauntlet.

Now, Buhari the Fulani terrorist in Aso Rock had asked his Fulani IGP Adamu, to arrest Igboho for defending his people against the massacre by Fulanis. Yorubas belief the arrest of Igboho is declaration of war. We are ready for it… bring it on! Buhari’s war of genocide against Yorubas will serve as catalyst for the birth of Oduduwa Nation.

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