Centre For Change And Women Arise Condemns Killings In Southern Kaduna

The Centre for Change and Women Arise has condemned the latest rounds of killings in communities in Southern Kaduna, which have been going on for several days now, as brutal, wanton and most cruel.

In a press release sign by the President, Centre for Change and Women Arise, Dr. Joe-Okei Odumakin, she said that the Southern Kaduna People Union ($OKAPU) has estimated that 63 people have been killed so far, even during subsisting curfew declared by the government.

The statement read, “Sadly enough, statements coming from the Federal Government has been giving reasons for the killings when it has not told us it arrested culprits it interrogated to know why they went on the killing spree.

“Government may unwittingly be exposing itself to charges of complicity with statements which suggest that it knows more than it should ordinarily have known without official investigations.

“It is also not comforting that Government assures of security cover for the communities only for the killers to steal in and mow down innocent citizens on a daily basis.

“If we may ask, are the security forces there to supervise or aid the killings?

“We challenge the government to end the killings and bring the perpetrators to justice, the statement concluded.