Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze, A Courageous, Fearless And Dogged Amaechi Media War Commander

By Benson Nwachukwu.A

CHIEF EZE CHUKWUEMEKA EZE, is a media GURU, an enigma and an icon of leadership. He was a one time media director of the TURAKI VANGUARD, the group that fought against the third term bid of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo.

Chief Eze was also the National Publicity Secretary of the defunct nPDP, also a group that collaborated with other Nigerian and insured the victory of President MOHAMADU BUHARI in 2015. He is a philanthropist and a man with the heart of gold. He is a chieftain of the All progressive Congress Apc in South South and South East Nigeria, He is also the AMAECHI media War Commander,who have fought and won many media wars.

Suffice it,to say,that Chief Eze chukwuemeka Eze,is a courageous, fearless and dogged politician and a media war commander,who is tirelessly and doggedly fighting and winning many media wars,not just for his principal RT HON SIR ROTIMI CHIBUIKE AMAECHI CON,minister of transportation and leader Apc Rivers state,but for the entire Apc family of Rivers state.

Chief Eze, have through his media bombardment raised the Morales of all Apc faithfuls in Rivers state,by providing quality and credible information’s that have sustained them,throughout this challenging period, wherein Abe and his men throw Rivers Apc into.

OGA EZE, media revolution is craftily designed to effect a fundamental change in the political,social and economic burden of Nigerians particularly Rivers Apc, which i think ” doing things rightly is his critical watchword”

His radical and constructive media defense for AMAECHI and Rivers Apc is to insure that those propagating falsehood and false information does not succeed, thereby creating conducive and proper information’s for the survival of Rivers Apc.

Oga have provided enough and quality information regarding the $500 million dollar loan,sought by the Federal government of Nigeria for the construction of the south South South East and North East rail lines by federal ministry of transportation,as against those making unfounded and baseless rumors against the hon minister Rt HON CHIBUIKE ROTIMI AMAECHI,of mortgaging the sovereignty of Nigeria,to the peoples republic of China.

May, I assert categorically,that I am proud of his many political and media successes and exploits, the greatest glory at times is not in never falling,but in raising each time you fall.

By this connection I am profusely thankful to God, for giving him, the strength and the grace to RAISE each time, in defense of H. E. RT HON SIR CHIBUIKE ROTIMI AMAECHI CON,AND THE RIVERS APC FAMILY.

I pray,as it also pleases God to make his survival and triumph over all vicissitude and travails,be they personal,social and political,as you are now a nightmare to the ANTI AMAECHI’S

Finally, Chief Eze, the Political/Media bombardier, is a good teacher and an encourager. may God continue to encourage him, as well.

Benson Nwachukwu is a Chieftain of All progressive Congress Apc Ikwerre of Rivers State.

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