Chief Joe Omene Exposes Real Omo-Agege, Describes Him As Greedy, Self-Centred, Betrayer, Worst Delta Politician Ever

By Dr. Ifeanyi M. Osuoza.

We have always known that Delta APC Gubernatorial candidate and Deputy Senate President, Obarisi Ovie Omo-Agege, is not the sanctimonious, squeaky clean, Knight in shiny Armour saviour, his obsequious loyalists and some of those selected smiling photographs on social media and Google images portray.

But we had refrained from deconstructing him at a personal level since we are not a political party that succumbs to low, dirty personality propaganda and hoped that one day, someone very close to him would do us the favour of presenting him the way he really is.

Today, the chickens have finally come home to roost as Chief Joe Omene, a great leader, elder statesman, and former President General of the Urhobo Progressives Union, UPU, has literally exposed and derobed Omo-Agege, leaving him bare to tan in the harsh electoral harmattan season of Delta’s political landscape.

A recent 6 minutes, 57 seconds trending video, posted on Social media by RERO TV, left no one in doubt about Omo-Agege, as High Chief Joe Omene, took the Deputy Senate President to the cleaners, in a caustic, unsympathetic, and forthrightly authoritative, sage-like baritone, which tore the reputation, personality and integrity of the Delta State APC Gubernatorial Candidate to shreds.

Hear him: “The Omo-Agege you’re seeing, just think of any politician from Urhobo, he’s the worst. He’s a very greedy man, self-centered, and everyday, when I see him criticize Governor Okowa in the papers I just laugh. Assuming he becomes Governor, he will be far worse.

“He is also a betrayer. Just look at the people he started working with, he has betrayed all of them,” the distinguished Urhobo leader declared.

This was just the first salvo in a steady six minutes profiling of Omo-Agege, which is better heard than reported, except to hint that Chief Omene went on to give a graphic and detailed commentary of how the Delta APC Guber candidate betrayed former Governor, Chief James Ibori, who brought him into Government from the United States and gave him top positions like SSG and Commissioner Special Duties, only to be betrayed because Omo-Agege did not get the Governorship ticket.

Chief Omene revealed how Omo-Agege betrayed Chief Great Ogboru, who was instrumental in ensuring the two Senate tenures he’s now enjoying and even the UPU, which stood as guarantor for his Senatorial ambition as Deputy Senate President, only for him to deviously embark on a divide and rule regime as the highest political office holder in Delta Central and Urhoboland, in order to exploit the division in Delta Central political structure, for his own selfish ambition.

He even called those who endorsed him for the position of Deputy Senate President “insurgents”, after he had secured the position. Hear Chief Omene again: “We endorsed him without any preconditions and even wrote to President Buhari as the umbrella body of Urhobo ethnic nation, but he later called us insurgents after he had got the position.

“He called us insurgents, but when we were endorsing him we were not insurgents o. After endorsing him and getting what he wants we became insurgents. How can a lawyer say something like that about people who were in Court? It’s not proper for a lawyer.”

Shedding light on Omo-Agege’s clannish development agenda, Chief Omene had this to say: “You’re the Senate President (sic). As the (Deputy) Senate President he brought Law School, where did he site it? Orogun! He brought Polytechnic, where did he site it? Orogun! He brought so many other things, where did he site them? Orogun! He didn’t site anyone in any other part of Urhoboland. No ooo.

“That will tell you the kind of person he will be, assuming some people vote for him foolishly to become Governor. He does not have the overall interest of Urhobo,” the great Urhobo elder statesman said unflinchingly.

Delta PDP has never had any doubts about the Chameleonic nature of Ovie Omo-Agege. He was once a member of our great party and the circumstances under which he left the party were less than noble, disturbingly dishonourable, acrimoniously petty, and uncharitably rancourous, as he fermented all manner of disharmony within party ranks in his selfish quest to overturn an already accepted zoning arrangement, because of his “emi lo kan” mentality, just like his Presidential candidate in APC.

Chief Joe Omene has done Deltans a great service by exposing the real Ovie Omo-Agege to the world and we are quite gratified by this honest revelation. We have also been vindicated in our unwavering position that even in his own community and so-called stronghold, Ovie Omo-Agege already has major trust, personality, and integrity issues and the initial effervescence of his emergence which is fast fading, will continue to dissipate and evaporate rapidly, as the 2023 election draws ever closer.


© Dr. Ifeanyi Osuoza is the State Publicity Secretary, PDP, Delta State & Deputy Director, Media, and Publicity Committee, PDP Campaign Council.

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