Christos Church Holds “Higher And Better” Empowerment Seminar

…To empower 50 participants.

To help people cope, and even flourish, in these harsh times, the Christos International Worship Centre, Apo District, Abuja, will host a seminar on Saturday 19th August and Sunday 20th August, 2023 for the church members and the general public.

The empowerment conference themed “Higher and Better” will help participants to become better in their endeavours despite the economic hardships prevalent in the country.

Participants will learn new ways of weathering the economic storms, avoiding stress in these stressful times, in finding contentment and fulfilment while doing things in profitable and new ways. They will be taught how Christianity could help them maximize their potential to become elevated in their careers and businesses.

Bishop David Nwachukwu Ogudu, the General Overseer of Christos International Worship Centre, Abuja, explained that the “is a journey to excellent life, excellent living, destiny maximization (which will make people) to achieve much more than they had ever thought possible, and become role models to their generations”.

According to a statement from Rev. Esther Chibuikem, Head of Media for Christos, the main speakers include Queen Prophetess Naomi Silankunola Ogunwusi from Nigeria, a women’s rights and empowerment advocate and an avowed antagonist against gender-based vices. She is the Founder of Women in Need of Guidance and Support (WINGS).

Bishop David Ogudu of Christos International Worship Centre.

Apostle Amos Deya from England, is another speaker, just like Pastor Mike Barrett from Australia, a renowned preacher of over two decades who partners with governments and organizations in ministering to the hurting, traumatized and substance abuse victims.

The host/convener and fourth speaker, Bishop Ogudu, is the founder and Presiding Bishop of Christos International Worship Centre, an author of over 50 books, and is also President of Wisdom Training Centre, a Leadership Institute founded in 2004.

He is a Prophet commissioned into self-discovery and destiny fulfilment through the word of prophecy, healing and deliverance. Now he is going beyond that to help people discover how to maximize their three T’s; talent, time and treasure instead of abusing or neglecting them. He said that many people have failed in life because they neglected their talents or were too afraid or too timid to dare to succeed.