Citizens Intervention & Accountability Network Launches Nigeria’s Next President Book

The Citizens Intervention & Accountability Network (CIAN), a grassroots project implementation NGO, dedicated to defend, and deal with issues related to human rights, and those aimed at advancing democracy, and good governance in Nigeria, has launched a book titled “Nigeria’s Next President”.

According to President of Citizens Interventions & Accountability Network (CIAN), M.O. Jeje, he said that the book is essentially a civic education handbook, written to engender a renegotiation of the failed social contract between the ruling elite and the Nigerian peoples, in addition to also empower civic patriotism that will challenge conventions and demand accountability from elected officials.

“Its contents are objectively selected, issue-driven, and dispassionately analyzed, with an un-biased presentation to guide voters on how to elect Nigeria’s Next President.

“As a project it rests mainly on our concern for good leadership, and our intention, as an organization, to be a driving force in promoting civic patriotism, nation-building, accountability and good governance in Nigeria, Jeje said.

The book forward was written by Abdulkair Adamu Phd of the Department of History, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Kaduna State

“This book is not only an advocacy, but also, motivational, as it touches on salient aspects of our national life which needs refocusing, and in fact, outright transformation to make Nigeria a country to be proud of, Prof. Abdulkair Adamu said.

In his remark, NNP Organizing Committee, Olawunmi Olaniyan said with the recent rumblings in the Nigerian Senate and Federal House of Representatives, over section 52(2) of the Electoral Amendment Bill 2021, Nigerians cannot afford to throw their hands in the air and watch helplessly, as this development portends the gathering of anti-democratic forces, with a tendency towards a one-party state.

“What happened in both Hallowed Chambers is a disgrace and a complete betrayal of public trust!
Following this, it is now safe to say that, the stage is now set for another round of fake and fraudulent elections come 2023, wherein electronic balloting and electronic transmission of results have been jettisoned to solving the opaque and dubious collation process.

“Going forward, as a people-oriented organization, we would not fold our arms, and leave this parliamentary coup unchallenged, especially at a time when the power sector has repeatedly become a graveyard of failed promises, at a time when emerging trends about those who assume power in Nigeria suggest accident of history, at a time when religion is seemingly becoming our nemesis, at a time when democracy is on the path to detention, at a time when women are politically ostracized from the power equation, at a time when the youth are disoriented by identity crisis, at a time when there is mass unemployment, at a time when millions of our children are out of school, hawking in the traffic and die of preventable diseases, at a time when millions of Nigerians live below the poverty line, at a time when the nation’s development indices are among the worst in the world; and ultimately, at a time when citizens are passive and not given to activism to challenge Nigeria’s unitary system being currently disguised as federalism, fortified by the fake and dubious military constitution foisted on the country, Olawunmi Olaniyan said.

The Citizens Intervention & Accountability Network (CIAN) vision is to advance the cause of a justice-driven nation-state while its mission is to promote informed and engaged citizens, expose all forms of injustices, bear witness to abuse of power, and promote solutions that are essential for Nigeria’s local and national development agenda.

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