Climate Change: NNPCL/Total Energies JV Achieves Zero Gas Flare

As part of the Paris Accord, which President Bola Ahmed Tinubu signed, the NNPC Ltd/TotalEnergies Joint Venture has achieved zero routine gas flare in all of its assets, with the goal of meeting the targets of 20 percent (unconditional) and 47 percent (conditional) greenhouse gas emission reduction.

In order to determine the success of the OML Flare Reduction Project, which was begun in December 2023, a combined NNPC Ltd and TotalEnergies team inspected OML 100 in the Southeast Niger Delta, off the coast of Port Harcourt, on Thursday. During the visit, this accomplishment was declared.

The only lease with routine flaring is OML 100. Up until now, the concession holder of four leases, NNPC Ltd/TotalEnergies Joint Venture, had achieved zero routine flaring across OML 99 (2006), OML 102 (2014), and OML 58 (2016).

This accomplishment is significant since it means that the final normal flare volume of roughly 12MMscf/d (twelve million standard cubic feet per day) of gas has been eliminated, resulting in a decrease of about 341KtCO2e/yr in greenhouse gas emissions.

The accomplishment is the result of a campaign that NNPC Ltd. launched to spur action in the direction of reaching the zero routine flare across its asset portfolio by 2030.

It also demonstrates how NNPC Ltd. prioritises sustainability in its efforts to lessen its carbon footprint, which is based on the “first R” of its 5R Strategy (Reduce, Replace, Renew, Re-plant, Repurpose).

Within the Upstream Directorate of NNPC Ltd., work is proceeding across all other assets to guarantee that by 2030 or before, all assets achieve 0% routine flaring.