Conmen Fake Senior Cops’ FB Profiles

The Nigeria Police Force has said that a preliminary cyber scan conducted recently by the Cybercrime Unit of the Force revealed the existence of numerous fraudulent Facebook accounts using the name and image of Senior Police Officers, including that of Deputy Inspector-General of Police, DIG Frank Mba.

A statement on Friday, 22nd September 2023 signed by the Force Public Relations Officer, Force Headquarters, ACP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, said that it is pertinent to categorically state that these Facebook accounts are fake, as DIG Frank Mba does not have an active presence on Facebook, and other social media platforms, as he does not maintain any personal or official Facebook account.

“The NPF therefore strongly encourages members of the public to promptly report any suspicious account(s) bearing his name to the appropriate authorities which will initiate thorough investigations, and legal action may be pursued against those responsible for these impersonations, as these fraudulent accounts have been established with the deceptive intent to mislead and potentially defraud unsuspecting individuals.

“Given the circumstances, the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) underscores the significance of exercising caution and restraint when coming across these deceptive Facebook pages. It is crucial to note that no Senior Police Officer engages in financial transactions to gain favors. Consequently, individuals encountering any such solicitations should promptly report any such advances, as they may likely be part of a fraudulent scheme. Your vigilance in this matter is greatly appreciated.

He also stated that “Specifically, the NPF advises against engaging in any form of discourse, particularly those involving financial transactions or attachments of a pecuniary nature. We strongly recommend practicing due diligence and exercising vigilance while interacting on social media platforms and taking proactive steps to verify the authenticity of online profiles purporting to represent public figures before engaging them.