Crypto Trading: Biafracoin Offers Users 18% Return On Investment

The Biafra Republic Government In-Exile says that the Biafracoin offers cryptocurrency users high taking of 18 per cent Return on Investment, ROI as Igbos, others embraced platform for digital savings and wealth creation.

The Prime Minister of BRGIE, Simon Ekpa disclosed this on Tuesday in a statement.

According to the Finnish-based lawyer and a separatist, Ekpa, the number of Biafracoin users had increased massively since the launch of the website on 21 March, 2024.

He stressed that the Biafracoin ROI offer surpassed that of other cryptocurrency platforms which stood at 7 per cent.

Ekpa assured users that Biafracoin will be stable at 1 Biafracoin per USD.

He added that users and prospective users should reach out to Biafracoin on occasion of challenges.

“Everyday people reach out to our help line +1 919 627 2134 to receive remote assistance in setting up their crypto wallets and buying Biafracoin. The number of users is difficult to divide because of the anonymous nature of crypto.

“The thing that sets Biafracoin apart from other crypto tokens is the high staking ROI of 18 per cent. Other crypto currencies generally do not offer more than 7 per cent.

“The Biafra government is guaranteeing that the price of Biafracoin will be stable. 1 Biafracoin per 1 US dollar. This has generated interest as the naira remain obscure in the crypto market. Please for inquiry check website,”, he said.

Recall that last Month, BRGIE officially unveiled Biafracoin for digital savings and wealth creation.

The development comes after the announcement of Biafracoin in February 28, 2024.