Culture, Language, Promote Dignity, Well-Being Of Society – Prof. Gana

By Mohammed Baba Busu

Prof. Jerry Gana, former Minister of Information and National Orientation, says that culture and language are very important to the well-being of society because they promote social dignity and a sense of unity.

Gana, Chairman, of the Board of Trustees set up to reprint version of the Nupe Bible translation, spoke during the inauguration of the Nupe Bible at the Cathedral Church of Anglican Diocese Bida on Tuesday.

Prof Gana who is also the ‘Hasken Nupe’, expressed delight that the initial Nupe Bible translation earlier in the 18th century had now been updated with the latest Nupe language developments for the understanding and spread of the Gospel.

“I join all the Bishops and other Church leaders gathered here to celebrate this day in the presentation of the NUPE Bible, Good News (Labari Wangi). I am proud to be associated with this laudable achievement.

“I, therefore, congratulate all Nupe-speaking people, be they Christians or Muslims, because, with these developments, Nupe language is well established, well coded and well written and will never go into extinction or die a natural death,” Gana said.

He appreciated all the agencies, particularly the groups from the United Kingdom, for their financial support.

Gana also thanked the Bible Society of Nigeria (BSN) and Nupe Christian Literature group that crosschecked every bit of the words to produce a clean final copy of the updated Nupe Bible translation.

The Bishop of Bida Anglican Diocese, Jonah Kolo, said the translation was to enable all Nupe-speaking people to read the Bible through their mother tongue, to broaden their knowledge of God at more personal levels.

“The Church is built from the word of God, therefore, it is the responsibility of the Church to make the word of God available for everyone to read, to know the mind of God and gain salvation,” Kolo said. (NAN)