Declaring Simon Ekpa Wanted Sessionist Won’t Stop Biafra Independence Declaration In 2024 – BRGIE

The Biafra Republic Government In-Exile says the declaration of its Prime Minister Simon Ekpa ‘wanted sessionist’ by the Nigerian Defence Headquarters will not stop the declaration of Biafra as an independent state on 2nd December 2024.

BRGIE disclosed in a statement on Sunday.

Recall that on Friday, the Nigerian Army, in a statement by the Director of Defence Media Operations, Maj. Gen. Edward Buba declared Ekpa and 96 others wanted over insecurity.

However, BRGIE insisted it would not deter it from seeking a Biafran referendum.

Accordingly, BRGIE noted that the action by the Nigerian Army showed a green light for Biafra Liberation.

BRGIE said that its leader Ekpa is facing similar persecucion like Nnamdi Azikiwe, Nelson Mandela.

It noted that insecurity in Nigeria is unconnected to Ekpa, instead, it is perpetuated by some governors and actors within the Nigerian Government to amass allocated security votes.

BRGIE stressed that insecurity in Nigeria is caused by years of misrule and injustices on citizens and has given birth to anarchy nationwide.

The Government urged Biafrans to remain resolute in their quest for Liberation and Referendum.

BRGIE said persons who do not want to see Biafra Independence come are persona non-grata in Biafra territory.

It added that the Biafra government would not waste time in challenging the declaration of Ekpa wanted in any Nigerian court.

“The declaration of Simon Ekpa ‘wanted’ by Nigeria DHQ showed that there is a greenlight to Biafra independence, right from the history of freedom fighting, when the oppressors declared that the leader of a freedom fighting movement a terrorist showed that there is a greenlight.

“Nnamdi Azikiwe was declared wanted at one point and was also jailed together with Obafemi Awolowo, yet Nigeria regained its independence from Great Britain. Nelson Mandela was also declared wanted by the apartheid regime but was later celebrated. I called on Biafra to remain resolved and strong. Simon Ekpa is not a wanted person as claimed by the Nigerian Government because I am a Biafra.

“Some people in Nigeria sponsor the insecurity. Insecurity was there before Simon Ekpa became the leader of the Biafra Republic. I am not the cause of insecurity in the North, southwest, or Middle Belt. The major sponsors of insecurity are the governors, and the Federal Government of Nigeria is complicit. They do it to amass security votes.

“The causes of insecurity are long-term misrule and injustices that have melted on the citizens. This has given birth to anarchy all over Nigeria.

“The declaration that Simon Ekpa wanted was because BRGIE had set a date for the Biafra declaration of the restoration of the independent state of Biafra on 2nd December.

“It is elements within the Nigerian Government that are sponsoring insecurity and terrorism in Nigeria. We have seen the Nigerian Government rehabilitating terrorists, allowing bandits to go on kidnapping sprees across the country.

“The Declaration of Ekpa wanted cannot stop the declaration of Biafra independence this year. We will continue to delegitimize Nigeria within Biafra territory”, BRGIE stated.

“The Biafra government will not challenge the declaration of the Prime Minister of Biafra, Simon Ekpa wanted sessionist by the Nigerian Army”, BRGIE stated.