Delta APC Exposes Unfortunate Ignorance Of Warri, Its Acclaimed Stronghold, Says PDP

The Delta State Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Campaign Council has lampooned the All Progressives Congress APC, for exhibiting crass ignorance of Warri, which it claims as its stronghold since the party does not even know the regular and popular routes leading to the famous Warri Township Stadium, in the bustling metropolis popularly regarded as the commercial capital of Delta State.

A Release by Dr. Ifeanyi Osuoza, Deputy Director, Media, and Publicity Committee, Delta State PDP Campaign Council, while responding to an earlier Press Release by the APC titled: “Delta APC Campaign Condemns Closure of routes leading to Warri Township Stadium” signed by Ima Niboro, Director, Communications and Media Strategy, Delta APC Campaign Organization, further wonders how the APC will even take its campaigns to the grassroots when it doesn’t even know the roads in a modern city like Warri.

Dr. Osuoza’s Release reads: “The Delta State PDP is quite astonished by the magnitude of ignorance exhibited by the APC in its Press Release, over a simple matter like knowing the regular routes, which the original citizens and indigenes of the bubbling Warri metropolis, ply every day to eke out their daily bread and especially those leading to the famous and very popular Warri Township Stadium.

“Of course, we understand their navigational plight and confusion, since Warri is not Orogun or Abuja, which those who lead and speak for Delta APC are more familiar with. But we are left wondering, how a party that does not even know the routes leading to Warri Township Stadium, in a City it claims is its stronghold, can not know the routes, both land and waterways, leading to the grassroots of Delta State, where it hopes to campaign to Deltans. We pray they don’t get lost, otherwise, they will blame the PDP, as usual, for their ignorance.

“For the avoidance of doubt, the Warri South Council Chairman, Dr. Michael Tidi, never ordered the closure of any route leading to the Warri Township Stadium. The Statement by the Council Chairman was very clear on the routes to be temporarily closed and even more explicit on the alternative routes provided for motorists and commuters to utilize during the temporary closure.

“A follow-up Statement by Francis Sadhere, Special Assistant to the Warri South Council Chairman on Media, further explained that, “Those who are familiar with Warri know that the roads mentioned above have nothing to do with routes leading to the Warri Township Stadium” and in the case of Ubeji Roundabout, it will be closed between 7.00 a.m. and 9.00 a.m. Motorists plying the route should now use the popular Elizabeth Close.

“So what is so difficult and unclear or sinister about this very simple action and simplified explanation that the APC is bellyaching about? It is not even as if they were denied access to use Warri Township Stadium for their event or even asked to pay millions of Naira before they can get authorization to use the facility.

“It is indeed absurd to read Ima Niboro saying that: “The Campaign Organization is determined to vacate the closure order, and while at it, alternative routes of accessing the stadium on the flag off day shall be secured and communicated to our thronging members and supporters”. We find this excerpt quite ridiculous, especially since alternative routes have already been provided, but like one original Warri boy succinctly put it: ‘Nor be only one road we dey pass go Warri Township Stadium’, so they are quite free to imitate Mungo Park and discover their own already existing alternative routes to Warri Township Stadium.

“There is no gainsaying the obvious fact that the Delta State Government, ably led by His Excellency, Senator, Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, who is also the PDP Vice-Presidential Candidate, has not only provided a most conducive environment and level playing field for all candidates and political parties to promote themselves and carry out their campaigns across the length and breadth of the State, it has also in the past four years since the last elections, delivered quality roads and bridges across the State to ensure easy movement for all Deltans, especially those like Ima Niboro and his leaders in APC, who are likely to miss their way and get lost during their campaigns.

“Delta State PDP is quite convinced that the APC has nothing to offer Deltans or campaign within the 2023 elections, which is why, like a dying man, they will clutch at every perceived or hallucinatory straw, like the laughable Warri Township Stadium tantrum, to conceal and divert attention from the obvious fact that it is not prepared for the elections and has already lost, even before the first ballot has been cast.

“There is a very poignant parlance in our political lexicon which wisely advises voters to “follow who know road” and the PDP is already proving with comprehensive authority that we are the “roadmaster” just like our own “Ekwueme”, with the resounding success of our ongoing Ward-To-Ward Campaigns, which has recorded tremendous success so far and will take the party to all the Wards across the State by the time it is concluded, while APC is still trying to find the road to Warri Township Stadium.

“Like we have always said: PDP is Delta and Delta is PDP. We know the way, we will show the way and we will lead Deltans all the way to prosperity and a #Stronger Delta both at home and at the national level in 2023.”

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