Diri’s Trajectory In Less Than 3 Years, A Good Story

By Inemo Kurotimi

“They know he is working …but want to distract him. Their strategy has failed.”

The “Pull Him Down” syndrome by some Bayelsans remains the bane of development in the State.

Yes, they have agreed that incumbent Governor Douye Diri, is working and has justified the allocation coming into the state because of the huge investments in several projects and programmes across the State.

While the government is taking different initiatives to meet the pressing needs of the people including critical projects, opposition politicians in the State are waiting for any opportunity to bring down the government. That’s simply what they call “witchcrafting.”

But each time they tried, they have failed to distract the man of peace and focus who has placed the regular payment of salaries to the workforce and gradual payment of outstanding gratuities on the first line charge.

This is a man who has restored order in the polity and has made Bayelsans see each other as brothers and sisters irrespective of political differences. That is a man with genuine intention to build a greater and united State.

Since February 14th 2020, Governor Diri, has left no one in doubt about his good and welcoming disposition to everyone who has come in contact with him.

This is a governor that has united warring communities and his simplicity in governance has endeared him to many people.

From Sagbama, to Ekeremor, Yenagoa, Southern Ijaw, Nembe, Ogbia, Brass and Kolokuma/Opokuma Local Government Areas, lives have been touched through different projects and programmes.

Testimonies abound about the great works in various communities and the attempts to demonize the governor was “Dead on Arrival.”

Judiciously, he has put available funds including the derivation funds receipts to good use.

Yes, they agreed he built the brand new Igbedi road, and Elebele bridge.

They also appreciated that he completed both the Nembe Unity bridge and Imiringi bridge.

He has invested so much on the completion of the three strategic senatorial district roads- Sagbama-Ekeremor road, Yenagoa-Oporoma-Ukubie road and lately, the Nembe-Brass road. These roads are being completed with several bridges at various points.

The three senatorial roads are so dear to the heart of majority of Bayelsans who live in many riverine communities. This is a top priority to the Prosperity Administration; a project conceived many years ago to link up many riverine areas by road and open up new opportunities in the maritime domain.

Bayelsans are happy with Governor Diri for his commitment towards the completion of the three Senatorial roads.

Again, they are happy with his plan for the expansion of the State Capital, Yenagoa with the two new roads coming from Igbogene. The Glory drive from Ecumenical centre is near completion and same with the Igbogene-AIT/Elebele outer ring road.

The Referral hospital in Ekeremor town is ready for inauguration with other health facilities.

In the education sector, the Prosperity Government has done well with the state-owned tertiary institutions by providing them resources with which they have achieved accreditation for their academic programmes. What a big relief for some students who completed their programmes but could not be offered their certificates because of accreditation issues.

This government deserves the support of all and not the naked dancing by wicked political jobbers who merely want to satisfy their paymasters.

Inemo writes from Yenagoa.

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