Dissolution Of UNIPORT Governing Council: Prof Efemini Commends President Buhari

…….saving the university from a very cancerous and deadly cabal

…….describes the dissolved council as taking joy in arts of illegality

A lecturer in the Department of Philosophy, University of Port Harcourt, Prof Efemini Andrew has thanked the Federal Government for dissolving the Governing Council of UNIPORT.

In a press release he personally signed, Prof Efemini said that since 2017, the Governing Council became illegal and illegitimate because 6 new members were introduced into the Council through deliberate violation of the University Act.

The statement read, “The violation is about cutting short the tenure of Council membership. The law stipulates 4years tenure but Senate and Congregation were manipulated to reduce the tenure to 2years.

“Those who violated the law try to explain it away by saying it was Senate and Congregation that did it. Unfortunately for them, the law stipulates that no section of the law shall be amended or altered without the approval of the President who is the Visitor.

“Let those who violated the law and their supporters show us the President’s approval.

“In 2019, the Law was again violated through gangster voting of 6persons from Senate and Congregation.

“Unlike 2017 where dispute about how to elect Convocation representative stalled the process, in 2019 a deal was struck to send a representative from Convocation to Governing Council without an election. This again violates the Act which stipulates how elections should be conducted.

“The implication of 5 and 6 above is that as at the time of dissolution of the Governing Council, not a single internal member had legitimacy.

“Just imagine the implications of illegal membership for the decisions of Council since 2017.

“Illegal Council was busy sacking, suspending and punishing staff and students.

“The same illegal Council were busy appropriating University funds for the Administration.

“The process of selecting the next Vice-Chancellor exposed the actual motive behind the introduction of illegal members to Council.

“Fortunately, justice has to come one way or another. There has to be a way of stopping the locomotive illegal engine of the illegal Council.

“People who should not be in Council found themselves in the Selection Committee for the Vice-Chancellor

“This is where we must thank the Government for responding to the situation promptly. The dissolution of an illegal Council is not only just, it is a right move to restore order to the University.

“The rancorous communication from Governing Council to Government is bad enough. A house divided between illegal and legal members of Council.

Warning: Breaking of any law is a criminal offence. If those behind the violating of the university act don’t run away quickly, I can see their arraignment for violation and conspiring to violate the university act.

“If there is any doubt still in your mind raise let us look at it.

Meanwhile thank the Government for saving Uniport from a deadly Cabal, the statement ended.

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