Dr. Adeniji Requests Action: “Empowering The Future Through School Feeding”

On June 27 and 28, 2024, in Yanna Apartment in Utako, Abuja, the Office of the Senior Special Assistant to the President on School Feeding, Dr. Yetunde Adeniji, conducted a revolutionary two-day training workshop.

The African Union Development Agency’s (AUDA-NEPAD) continental school feeding recommendations for Nigerian state officials were the main topic of discussion during the occasion. The focus of the event was “Encouraging State-Driven Implementation and Best Practices for School Feeding Towards Local Agricultural Value Chain, Community Engagement, and Economic Development,” which highlighted the relationship that is critical between economic development, education, and nutrition.

In her compelling speech titled “Investing in Our Future: The Power of School Feeding Programs,” Dr. Adeniji emphasized the significant impact of the school feeding program on the cognitive development and academic performance of Nigerian children. “This program is not simply about providing meals; it’s about nurturing the minds of tomorrow’s leaders,” she stated, highlighting the correlation between proper nutrition and enhanced learning outcomes.

Dr. Adeniji emphasised that the commitment of state focal points and programme managers is critical to the program’s success and urged strong leadership and cooperation between the federal and state governments. She praised these important figures for serving as the initiative’s backbone and serving as intermediaries between the public sector, educational institutions, and local communities to guarantee successful execution.

The program’s advancement has been made possible by AUDA-NEPAD’s cooperation, which was acknowledged at the occasion for its crucial support. In order to create a better future for Nigerian children, Dr. Adeniji thanked them for their unwavering dedication to the country’s growth and urged more cooperation.

As the workshop concluded, Dr. Adeniji issued a resounding call to action: “Let us join hands, leverage our expertise, and invest in our children’s future through the power of school feeding programs. The time to act is now!”

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