Dr. Laz Eze Sues Ebonyi State Government Over Citizens Rights Violation Using “Anti-Social Media Law”

A medical doctor and popular TV host, Dr Laz Eze has dragged the Ebonyi State government before the Federal High Court Abuja, challenging it over enactment of the Ebonyi Cybercrime (Prohibition) Law 2021 which he described as ‘draconian’.

In the lawsuit sighted by Swift Reporters, the Ebonyi State concerned citizen said it became necessary to take lawful action “against the controversial and draconian Ebonyi State Cybercrime (Prohibition) Law 2021” and why he was included on the purported ‘Ebonyi State Social Media Watch List’.

Explaining further, he said:

“As a democrat, I am seeking certain declarations of the court that will help to curtail the excesses of the Ebonyi State government and its agents in violating the fundamental human rights of innocent citizens.

“Recall that my name appeared recently on a purported social media watch list by the Ebonyi State Government which was widely circulated on social media. Although the authenticity of the list is questionable, the abduction, arrest, torture, detention, harassment and prosecution of citizens who disagree publicly with the policies of the state government is well known to ndi Ebonyi and the general public.”

“Evil persists when good men do nothing. I’ve taken this proactive step in public interest and in defense of our hard earned democracy. Nigerians resisted social media law at the national level. But the good, lawful and diligent people of Ebonyi State woke up to a secret document enacted by the shameless House of Assembly without the knowledge or involvement of the people.”

“This law enables the ongoing gross suppression of free speech, harassment of innocent citizens including declaring them wanted, and constriction of the civic space. A law that even some members of the House of Assembly denied having a copy”.

While emphasising that the judiciary is last hope of a common man like him, he said his belief is that, victory shall be that of the people.

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