Dr. Tersoo Agundu: An Embodiment Of Integrity In Nigeria’s Electoral Landscape

By Gwebe Joshua Alabama

Nigeria has suffered a dire leadership crisis with some elites behaving as if they are possessed by Dolos or Dolus, a spirit of deception and trickery in Greek mythology, famous for cunning deception, craftiness, and treachery. Finding a man of integrity in Nigeria is akin to scouting for a rare and precious gem hidden deep within the Earth’s core. Integrity, much like a hidden treasure, is a quality that stands out in a world often clouded by moral ambiguity. It’s the unwavering commitment to principles, an unyielding moral compass that guides actions, and a steadfast dedication to honesty and fairness. Just as the gem’s rarity makes it all the more valuable, so too does the scarcity of individuals who embody true integrity making them shine brilliantly when discovered.

It is in this regard too, that the discovery and appointment of Dr. Tersoo Agundu as the Resident Electoral Commissioner (REC) for Plateau State has been hailed as a brilliant decision considering his impeccable track record as a University teacher of repute and an administrator per excellence.

As a highly published scholar and philosopher, Dr. Agundu has proven himself to be an impartial umpire with no political ties or interests, making him a true champion of democracy. In an era when Dolus has seemingly taken over the world, Dr. Agundu has remained steadfast and unwavering.

One of the most significant indicators of Dr. Agundu’s remarkable tenure has been the transparent conduct of elections in Plateau State. From party primaries to the federal and state government elections, the impartial umpire ensured that there was no foul play and all parties were fairly treated. Indeed for the first time, elections in Jos were not marred with violence. The fact that no election conducted under his watch has been nullified is an indication that he is indeed a sincere and honest man with an overwhelming patriotic zeal. His commitment to upholding the principles of democracy and ensuring that every vote counts is commendable.

Agundu has written extensively on politics and governance in Nigeria from the perspective of a philosopher offering great insights and solutions. It’s possible to infer that his highly cited and referenced publications gave him away literally. One remarkable trait about Dr. Agundu’s leadership is his unwavering anti-corruption posture which radiates throughout his publications and his personal life. In a nation marred by corrupt practices, the Hon. Commissioner stands out as an incorruptible figure. No politician could dare to bribe him, knowing that he is resolute in his commitment to maintaining the sanctity of the electoral process.

Dr. Tersoo Agundu represents a new breed of Nigerians who must be commended for their unwavering dedication to honesty and integrity. As a consummate philosopher, he is not merely preaching these values but living them through his actions and decisions. He embodies the ideals of his scholarship and exemplifies what it means to be a true public servant. While it is important to commend this impeccable stewardship, it is important to remind the Umpire that he must be alert at all times and dutifully avoid pitfalls that might tarnish his hard-earned reputation as a teacher, community leader, and public servant.

It is only fitting to pass a vote of confidence in Dr. Agundu and call for his recognition and national honors. His dedication to free and fair elections has undoubtedly strengthened the democratic institutions and structures in Plateau State and Nigeria as a whole. His disposition and steadfastness have restored the confidence of Nigerians in the electoral process. Even people who had hitherto refused to cast their votes have changed their minds because at last, they have started counting.

As a youth, Dr. Tersoo Agundu’s stance has made him a worthy role model and torchbearer to Nigerian youths, both from his hometown of Benue and his state of national assignment in Plateau State. The exploits he has made in Plateau State have made him a hero of democracy an and icon of hope in an electoral process that was banished to the trash bin because of some bizarre events. He is indeed an inspiration to Nigerians who yearn for true and sustainable change.

As Plateau State’s REC, Dr. Agundu has not only conducted elections but also conducted himself with the utmost integrity. His legacy and contributions will undoubtedly be remembered in the state’s electoral history. His dedication to democracy and transparency represents an ideal that was almost considered abnormal in our country. We hope that his exceptional contributions will be duly recognized and celebrated, setting a precedent for future leaders to emulate.

As we celebrate his milestones in electoral reforms and pray for his elevation to higher office, it is important to commend the great philosopher for the many scholarships he has awarded to Nigerians and the jobs he has helped many to secure in the federal civil service. This is a great start and we earnestly pray for more good things to come.

Gwebe Joshua Alabama writes from Abuja

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