Edeoga And His Many Bogus Promises

By Dr Chidozie Obodozie

As campaigns have started in earnest, one has to be ready to read all manner of campaigns of calumny from different power-mongering

Reading the many statements made  by the Labour Party candidate of Enugu who hitherto has been a  member of the Peoples Democratic Party in the state suddenly doing a volte-face and now accusing the Peoples Democratic Party’s past and present administration of weaponizing poverty throws more light on the delusions of grandeur that has taken hold of him in his quest to be addressed as His Excellency.

With benefit of hindsight, from the early years of the 4th Republic in 1999, Hon Chijioke Edeoga was a member of the House Of Representatives and had nothing to show for it as regards the effective representation of his constituents.

After a dismal one term as a House Of Representatives Member, the people refused to return him and the incumbent governor replaced him in the House and effectively represented his constituents and beyond due to his performance, when it was time for the people of Enugu North to produce the next governor, the incumbent was picked by the people and massively voted for twice.

The incumbent in his benevolence called on Hon Edeoga to come and join his administration. Whilst, Hon Edeoga had wanted to be appointed as Commissioner for Education, Governor Ugwuanyi being a pragmatic leader opted for a more competent hand.

Mr. Edeoga in his speech at the Enugu State Chamber of Commerce Industries Mines and Agriculture (ECCIMA) workshop last weekend berated the government for not placing value on education an Urban Development in the state. That alone shows that it is either he is detached from the giant strides by the administration in the areas of Education and Urban development or he simply just wants to lie and worm his way into the government House in 2023 with his many bogus tales in the name of politics.

It is mind-boggling though that because the incumbent is a silent achiever and has largely preferred to deliver on his promises to the people of the state amid the insecurity which has beleaguered many South Eastern states, Mr. Edeoga hopes to leverage on cheap tales of falsehood as a campaign tool.

Agreeable that the Art of Disinformation is allowed in politics but there comes a time when one ought to advise themselves not to deploy such methods as it only further exposes their Janus faced nature.

Mr.  Edeoga in his speech made allusions to the revamping the Education sector and one will have to begin to wonder how he intends to do that or even the other aspect of diversification of the economy by only cash crops and livestock. Mr. Edeoga also in his many bogus claims said that he hopes to expand the state not only beyond the Government Reserved Areas (GRA) but to other parts. This brings one to ask – DOES MR EDEOGA LIVE IN ENUGU STATE?

The very many expansion of the state via Urban Development by the Governor Ugwuanyi administration is clear and visible for all to see and feel.

The massive investments in the Education sector are visible.

Well, one may decide to say “it’s just politicking” but I daresay that it will foolhardy for a supposed governor hopeful to blatantly lie about what is visible and experienced by all.

In as much as I do not see Mr. Edeoga or his party as an opposition to the ruling party in the state, I would advise him to carefully think through his words before he climbs any podium in the name of campaigning and then spews lies that can easily be proven otherwise. Same advise is extended  to his cohort Mr Okey Ezea who hopes to also contest for the Senate in 2023.

A few of the landmark projects of Governor Ugwuanyi administration will be made available by this author in a few days time in the form of a catalogue and I will wish to use their preferred slogan – Go and Verify .

Chidozie Obodozie is Medical Doctor and a Public Affairs Analyst. He can be contacted via email on Cepejspm@gmail.com

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