Ekiti2022: “The Jinx In Ekiti”. Fayose Mixed Brutality + Deceit To Have His Way In Governance – Hon Segun Erinle. Pt1

No party has succeeded itself in Ekiti unlike other States of the SW.

Oyo State only did it with the late Senator Ajimobi but Ogun and Osun has bailed themselves out. Lagos State has not been ruled by any other party since 1999.

Why has Ekiti not been able to do it. I must admit that if Governor Peter Ayodele Fayose was not impeached in 2006, he may have done it, similarly if the party has the Federal might in 2018, he may have installed the Deputy as Governor in 2018.

People may ask Why? Mr Ayodele Fayose style of Governance differs from others as he mixes Brutality with Deceit to have his way in Governance.

The Progressives are noted to have a lot of Peoples oriented Agenda in Governance and less Confrontational, no Brutality nor deceit see Niyi Adebayos programmes 1999 to 2003 and Kayode Fayemis programmes 2010 to 2014, compared to Ayo Fayoses of 2003 to 2006 and 2014 to 2018.

Why are the people of Ekiti rejecting the Progressive at the Polls for a second term.

My research as an insider indicates that Ekitis don’t reject the Progressive but internal problems always contribute to the loss of Successive Progressive Govt for a second Term in Ekiti.

Why? Every member of the party wants to be holding one Political office or the other and if not fixed, he or she starts condemning his own party despite knowing the party has done well for the people but for selfish interest, he or she allows selfish interest to override the overall interest of the party. He cares less if the party wins or loose, the interest is all of them must be on the same page.

Secondly most Political office holders don’t see themselves as servant of the people but as bosses.People join opposition not because they love the party but for selfish interest and not the interest of the masses they claim to represent.

Ekiti is a major Civil Servant State where majority of the Civil Servants are Politicians, they dictate the Political scene and if you offend them, election results are already known.

Can the Governor Kayode Fayemi led APC Govt break the Jinx in 2022. Very likely because with less than a year to an election, there have not been mass defection, the internal problems facing the party has not led to party members joining other Political party, they still see themselves as part of the large family of APC but with different interests and what majority of those fighting the leadership of the party wants is Recognition and patronage. l think the Leadership of the party can manage the current internal problems of the party if well coordinated.

The main opposition the PDP too has its own internal wranglings which will definitely affect its fortune. It must be mentioned that for the very first time the PDP is going to an election without any control of any organ of Govt in his control. The Civil Servants are not at war with the Govt and are seeing reasons with the plight of Govt though still pressing for the payments of salaries owed by the previous administration but for the first time the major Union in the State seems to understand the plight of Govt as it affects income. generation from FAAC and IGR.

I must accept that the Security challenges too is a major concern to the Ruling party but with the new measures being put in place by the Government, we expect to see a very sharp fall soon.

On the whole l think the John Kayode Fayemi led APC Govt will break the jinx in Ekiti come 2022.

Hon Segun Erinle was a member of the Ekiti State House of Assembly between 2011 and 2015 and write from Ilejemeje constituency. The views and opinions expressed are his own.

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