Engineer Sule Still Working Hard Even While On Leave, Says Acting Governor

Acting Governor of Nasarawa State, Dr. Emmanuel Akabe, has assured that the Governor of the state, Engineer Abdullahi Sule, is still working hard for the state, while still away on leave in the United States of America.

The Acting Governor disclosed this in an opening remarks during a meeting convened to deliberate on measures to be taken in the wake of recent increase in the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, which is holding at the Government House, on Thursday.

Dr. Akabe assured that Engineer Sule, who is away for routine medical checkup in the US, is working hard and will bring back lots of goodies to the state.

“We have been in touch on a daily basis. Although he is on leave, but he has been working hard for the state, over there in the US.

Nasarawa State Deputy Governor, Akabe

“I assure you by the time he is back, he is coming with a lot of goodies for the state,” the Acting Governor said.

The Acting Governor said the meeting, which has both the members of the state Task Force Comiittee on COVID-19, as well as members of the security council, became necessary following the recent raise in the spread of the pandemic across the country and in Nasarawa State.

Dr. Akabe said the meeting was convened in order for the state government to take necessary steps aimed at curtailing further spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Acting Governor expressed concern that the present strain of the COVID-19 virus is more virulent and unlike the previous strain, can also affect young people.

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