Engineer Sule Takes A Swipe At Critics, Says APC Is Going Into The 2023 Election Strongly

Nasarawa State Governor, Engineer Abdullahi Sule, has taken a swipe at some of his critics, saying he has been patient long enough and that time is approaching when the All Progressives Congress (APC), will deploy its strength and resources to vanquish any opposition.

The Governor, who hosted his deputy, Dr Emmanuel Akabe and members of the state executive council on Sallah homage at his Gudi country home, Sunday, said the APC is going into the nest election with its full strength.

“We have already gathered enough patience and we did that intentionally, because there’s time that will come where patience will no longer be interesting. There are times to scream, there are times to make noise, there are times to show strength, there are times to show resources and that time is coming,” Engineer Sule said.

He emphasized that his administration will not be cajoled into taking rash decisions, stressing that it’s inconceivable for him to work according to somebody’s agenda.

Engineer Sule however called on his appointees to remain patient, as according to him, his administration will only cross the bridge when it gets to the bridge.

He urged them to do everything possible to ensure the APC wins the 2023 general election, as that will enable his administration to achieve its development objectives.

“That is why any time people are trying to make comparisons, I say compare my three years with the three years of other administrations. Don’t compare my three years with eight years of service. Don’t compare my three years with four years of service but compare my three years with three years somewhere,” he said.

The Governor also spoke about the fallout of the party primary elections in the state, which saw some stalwarts of the party leave the APC for other political parties. He dispelled insinuations suggesting that some members of the ruling party are working against the interest of the APC.

“Our party is APC; we must work for APC. If somebody is hiding somewhere and using somebody’s name to do other things, they are on their own. I will never tell anybody to go and do anti-party, as the leader of this party.

“I am for the party and I will continue to support the party and I will do whatever it is to continue to support the party,” he stated.

Engineer Sule emphasized however that he will not support any attempt to undermine the electoral process as according to him, the party must try to win the elections fair and square.

“We must try everything possible to win our elections because if somebody else wins and you want to come to me to change the election, I will not change it, even if it’s my election.

“If I lose my election and you want me to change and steal it, I will not steal it, I will give it to whoever wins. There’s nothing that I am looking for. I must face that and be honest with our people,” he said.

He also urged the people to ensure the election of the presidential candidate of the party, Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu, as well as return Senator Umaru Tanko Al-makura to the senate.

“We have an excellent candidate as Asiwaju, a wonderful candidate for president that we should all work for. If we have all the positions and we don’t have a president, it’s a very big blow.

“If you have all the positions in the state and you don’t have a governor, it’s a big blow to the state. If Tanko Al-makura didn’t come back to the senate, so what? But it’s a big blow to the state if he doesn’t. It’s a bigger blow to the state than to him as a person. Because people like that, what are they looking for anymore? But we must do everything possible to deliver him,” Engineer Sule said.

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