Enviously Jealous, Shocked By Diri’s Trajectory Of Projects

By Isaac Woyengitari

They never gave him a chance; they underrated his political sagacity and were ignorantly naive about his deep public life experience.

They still could not get over the shock of the miracle that overturned all the “Voodoo” votes they cooked against a destiny child and man of faith, Douye Diri, in the November 16 Governorship Election.

Soon after Governor Diri assumed office, they started the legal wars and bankrolled tribunal cases of other political parties that participated in the Guber election.

God, however, perfected His miracle at the Supreme Court by dismissing all the court matters.

Soon after the series of legal battles, they came with another envious narration, that Governor Diri came to office unprepared and the little minds forgot that the same Douye Diri, campaigned vigorously in 2019 as PDP Governorship Candidate with his prosperity agenda.

After 100 days in office, the opposition members renewed their bitterness, demanding unrealistic targets for the governor to showcase his projects even amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Three years down the lane, as the governor prepares for another term in office, the political albatross have intensified their blind opposition.

Even the APC that has been flattened in membership in Bayelsa is raising an uncanny hope of a chance to the Creek Haven, the seat of power.

It is incomprehensible to note that an amorphous party with a leaderless state structure is challenging for such a coveted seat! This is a party that can not put its house in order. What an insult to the great people of Bayelsa State!

This is the same party that was humbled in the 2023 general election in every Local Government Area of Bayelsa State when the PDP recorded over 80 percent electoral success.

Ahead of the November 11 Bayelsa Governorship election, the APC has come up with a vague campaign of calumny that “Senator Douye Diri has not done anything in 3 years.” This is pure evil!

They have just started their campaign on the wrong note, spreading lies and falsehood. Knowing their antecedents, Bayelsans hardly expect the rudderless APC to be truthful on the many projects and programmes delivered by the Prosperity Government in 3 years.

This scenario was recorded in the holy book authored by James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ, where he painted a picture that can be likened to negative people whose political ambitions are based on envy and lies.

“But if you have bitter envy and self-seeking in your hearts, do not boast and lie against the truth.” James 3:14.

It is sad, but not surprising to hear certain voices from the opposition speak evil of the current administration in Bayelsa State.

Their public utterances reveal people who prayed for the failure of the government so they could easily get at Governor Diri. But their wicked prayers failed, and they are shocked by the great impacts of the prosperity government in just three years. The support of the immediate past governor, Senator Henry Seriake Dickson, has been awesome to help Diri deliver on promises. This sustained excellent relationship is thus another headache to the opposition.

The initiation and completion of many projects and the wide acceptability of the governor brought more “bad belle.”

The projects came in great numbers! Excitements in multiple dimensions as the Prosperity Administration under the incumbent governor, Senator Douye Diri, apart from starting new ones, are completing inherited and abandoned ones.

What a long list of achievements! The current administration completed the Imiringi Bridge, and Nembe Unity Bridge reconstructed Elebele Bridge, and several internal roads within Yenagoa and other communities, and then initiated and completed Igbedi Road

The continuation with the three Senatorial roads was to the consternation of the opposition. They drive on the new stretch of the Yenagoa-Oporoma-Ukubie road and Sagbama-Ekeremor road that have opened up several riverine communities but live in denial, refusing to acknowledge the great strides by the Prosperity Administration.

The construction of Nembe-Brass road by the former Governor and APC Guber candidate, Chief Timipre Sylva, once rubbished as having no economic value, is ongoing.

So much has happened on road infrastructure, and the majority of the people have continued to appreciate the government for the dualized section of Glorydrive and Igbogene-AIT/Elebele outer ring road.

The dualization of the Isaac Boro Expressway was delivered by Julius Berger. The construction giant has resumed work to complete the dualization of the Opolo-AIT/Elebele road.

Again, work is ongoing on the Onuegbum-Otueke Road, and Akaba-Okodi Road in the East, while construction work has also commenced on the Bolu-Orua-Toru-Orua-Toru-Ebeni Road.

The prosperity government has touched lives in the health, agriculture, education, and sports sectors.

The youth and women monthly empowerment and the skills acquisition programme have improved the economic life of many Bayelsans.

The civil service in the state is having the best of time with regular and prompt payment of salaries and gratuities to retirees. Outstanding pension gratuities are also been paid.

Today, the security of lives and property is on the first line charge. It’s a new order.

Bayelsa, no doubt, has witnessed tremendous progress since 2020 under the current administration. No sane person would deny this fact!

Isaac Woyengitari writes from Yenagoa.