Etsu Nupe Urges Muslims To Be Selfless, Show Love Beyond Ramadan

By Mohammed Baba Busu

Alhaji Yahaya Abubakar, Etsu Nupe and Chairman, Niger State Council of Traditional Rulers, has urged Muslims to continue to extend love to others and practise the act of selfless service to humanity beyond the holy month of Ramadan.

The Etsu Nupe, who made the call during the closing of Ramadan Tafsir at the Maasaba Jumma’at Mosque in Bida on Tuesday, reminded Muslims of the need to be selfless.

The Royal Father appealed to wealthy individuals and philanthropists to continue to show gratitude by helping others and also exhibit total submission to God’s commandments.

Alhaji Abubakar reminded the Muslim faithful to abide by the lessons learnt during the Tafsir preaching and lectures to be in tune with Almighty Allah.

The monarch also urged Muslims to demonstrate kindness and practice the act of selfless service to humanity during and after Ramadan.

“The important thing in all the between 29 or 30 days that we are going to have the Ramadan is to show love to ourselves and our neighbours.

“Beyond Ramadan, we must also show the attitude of giving at all times; we must touch the poor and we must touch our people,” Etsu Nupe said.

He noted that many Muslims became saints during the Ramadan but would go back to committing sins afterwards, saying the faithful should continue to abstain from sinful acts at all times.

He cautioned Muslim faithful not to indulge in sin after the Ramadan fast.

“Many quit smoking, drinking, fornication, adultery, backbiting and other negative tendencies during the holy month of Ramadan but think sin is permitted after the season,” Alhaji Abubakar warned.

“Muslims, knowing fully well that God hates sins, must remain holy for all their prayers to be answered at all times.

The traditional ruler also underscored the need for sustainable peace and unity in the country.

He said there was no alternative to peace, as without peace, meaningful development would continue to elude the country.

According to Etsu Nupe, God created Nigerians differently for a purpose and He never made mistakes

The traditional ruler said the diversities in ethnic, religious and cultural affiliation of Nigerians were to make them more united rather than dividing them.

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